Hola Familia!!!

Hello from Bogata columbia!!! wow its crazy to think that im here and that its already been a week! im sorry i know this grammar is aweful but im trying to get as much in as possible!! so first of all, I got all of your letters!! Thank you so much! I Have the best family in the whole world and i miss you all so much already!!! it sounds like you all had a great week with girls camp, high adventure, and so much more!! Im so sad to hear about grandpa but he will be in my prayers! so… this has been the fastest and slowest week of my whole life!! the first few days seemed like a few years but ever since then it has been way fast! My classes go all day and it is way more intense than school ever was but it is awesome and i feel like i am learning a ton! i  know the spirit is helping me to absorb way more than i would ever be able to on my own! so i have two companions. the first one is from alaska and we have soooo much in common! she is awesome and i love doing stuff with her! my other companion is great and shes from california. She tells me im impatient because i always want to be everywhere early but i guess she will just have to get used to it and ill have to get used to being called impatient because i dont like being late! but i am learning lots of good things about myself through her and all the other things and people here. i have great teachers soo that makes class great!! we have an investigator that we teach almost everyday and shes a teacher here but if she wasnt im sure we would make absolutely no sense in our extrememlylimited spanish!! we got to go to the temple last week and that was so cool!! it waas the most awesome spirit as i sat in the celestial room and looked around at a room full of only missionaries!! that was awesome!! so unfortunately i cant get any letters while im here in colombia and i cant send any out, so i guess youre all off the hook writing me letters for a while!! one of my most favorite parts of the day is the hour we get to work out! i like to run here, but my companion doesnt really so i have to come up with creative ways to trick her into exercising with me!:) but probably the most difficult thing for me so far has been trying to make myself fall asleep at 10:30!! i definitely should have been practicing because i swear i lay awake for like an hour every night trying to get all the spanish words out of my head but it has been great!! haha so some of the latina hermanas here call me barbie because of my blonde hair! it always makes me laugh! we try so hard to talk with them and weve make some good friends with a few of them! i had a super cool experience last night. there was a girl from bolivia here and we were all getting ready for bed and she had a pair of jeans on. so i (attempted) to ask her if she had any pajamas and she told me that her jeans were her pajamas. i almost broke down and started crying right in front of her so i asked if she wanted to wear some of my shorts while trying not to offend herr. i  went to my room and came back and she was crying because of something that had happened early that day and i held up two pairs of shorts and told her she could pick and after i gave them to her she sat there and cried and just hugged and hugged me. if i dont have any other experiences on my mission i know that i was at least sent here so that i could at least help that one hermana that didnt even have pajamas to wear to bed. i know that i have been so blessed to live where i do and with the family that i have!! mom, i did get to change my money in the airport so im good to go even though i only need it to buy souvenirs! Dad, thanks for telling me about the farm and everything thats going on! are you going to start cutting soon? thank you all so much for your emails and i wish that i could resppond to them all but thank you so much for all you said! i  love you all and i know that i have the best family in the whole wide world! i love you all so much but im grateful to be here as a missionary for the lord and i hope that i can bless some lives while im here! i love you all so much!!! love, Hermana Hawkes

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