I have the best family in the world!!!!

Hola Familia!

how are you all doing? It was so great to hear from you all and all about your busy week! Sunday sounds like it was a great day with all the homecomings and farewell! what an awesome family we have!! It´s also good to hear that harvest is coming right up and that you are helping Brody! It´s so fun to hear what everyone there is doing! It also sounds like whit had a fun time at girls camp and you all had fun with London!!
Things here are going great! As crazy as this sounds, these last two weeks have flown by! It seems like forever since I´ve seen you all but it feels like i just arrived yesterday and here i am already a third of the way through my CCM experience! I am learning so much and loving the classes! I can now say a prayer, bear my testimony, and get along pretty decently talking to the latina Hermanas in only spanish so I definitely know that I´m being blessed with the gift of tounges! My favorite day here is sunday!! We have sacrament meeting and relief society in spanish and then the rest of the day is in english which is super nice because then I can actually understand what´s going on!!! I can´t wait until i can understand everything in spanish!!
So new things happening here. A lot of the people that were here when i first came all left this morning and that was super weird! it made me pretty excited for the day that i get to fly out to ecuador! we have a new group coming in tonight so that will be way fun! Before that big group left though i found a whole bunch of girls that liked to run and during our hour of gym we would just run so hard and it felt so good!! The ones left here are super fun too so the next few weeks will be great too! We finished teaching our first “investigator” and it was a little rough but I´m excited for the next one to hopefully be able to teach more clearly and with the spirit! This morining we were able to do a service project (which ended up just being to make all the beds… but there are kind of a lot) and it felt so good to get out and work and do something a little bit different!! I am starting to fall asleep closer to 1030 now instead of laying awake for what seems like hours so I consider that quite a feat!! 🙂 but i would have to say that the best part of this week was that we got to go out proselyting to real people!! It was so awesome and our moto was Ser Osado which means be bold. Heavenly Father was watching out for us to much because the first two people we talked to spoke fluent english!! We got both of their contact information and gave a book of mormon to the second person!!! That was the most awesome feeling ever! We also gave another book of mormon to this little old lady and she tried to pay us for it, but it was definitely so eye opening to be out talking to people that aren´t just pretending to be investigators!!
Oh mom a few questions, Will you please ask dad or kristie if anyone took my tithing to church? And if you could somehow would you please get me Mackenzie Windley´s email? how is grandpa griffeth doing? I´ve thought and prayed about him a lot this week! And I´ve also had the Palmer famly on my mind a lot today! how are they doing??
I love you all so much and thank you for all writing me! I love opening my email and having emails from everyone in my family! you´re all so awesome and my mission is helping me realize that even more! I love you all and I´ll write again next thurday! I love you all!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes
PS can you tell that I finally figured out how to work the computer better?? 🙂
oh and also a little follow up, the girl that i have the shorts to gave me a pretty necklace that she had bought on her own and told me to keep it so that was super cool!! I love you all!!

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