Hola Familia!

Happy birthday to London!!! wow 1 already!!!

Well it´s been another great week here in Colombia!! I don´t feel like there is a ton to tell because all I do is pretty much go to classes to learn to teach the gospel and classes to learn spanish!  I LOVE IT HERE!!!! Time seems to fly by and I can´t believe when it´s sunday and the start of a new week again!! It´s so fun to hear what´s happening with all of you and all the activities you´re all doing! I´m pretty jealous because fall was always my favorite time with harvest, school starting, all the sports…. How fun!!! I love hearing what each of you are doing!! Thanks for all the emails!!

Ok so the few new things that have happened here. We got a new teacher and he is seriously probably the most in tune teacher I´ve ever had! Whenever anyone is feeling the spirit really strong in class he will stop and ask us to describe our feelings right then and it´s so awesome!! We also had another teacher that has challenged us to speak one more hour of only Spanish per day… yesterday was up to 11 hours…. wow… 🙂 but I know the Lord is blessing me so much because yesterday I was sitting in an all Spanish class and all the sudden at  the end i thought wow I understood everything he said! So I know that my spanish is getting a little bit better!! We have been teaching an investigator and a less active (teachers that dress up) but it is such great practice and I really enjoy it! Also last week in sacrament meeting, all the Hermanas here sang a song and it was so cool because the N americans sang the first verse in english, the S americans sang the second in spanish, and then we all joined in and sang the third verse in spanish! it was super cool!! We also got to go to the temple this morning, we usually go once a week, and it was seriously so awesome!!! I love the temple! the president of the CCM I soooo awesome! I feel like he´s my personal concerned grandpa! He always asks how I´m doing and he had remembered everything I told him in my first interview here and asks me questions all the time!
Oh i was so glad to hear that Sally got her mission call!!! She will be so awesome and it was great to see the pictures! thank you”! also thank you Whitney for doing the blog! How awesome!!! Thank you all for being the best family ever!! Today is my last day with all the notes you wrote me and I can honestly say that that´s always my favorite part of the day!!! I love you all so much and pray for you daily!!! Love, Hermama HawkesIMG_0112 IMG_0115 IMG_0104

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