Hola Familia!

Wow it was so great to hear from you all this week!!! Happy happy birthday to Kelsie, Carter, and Grandpa Griffeth this week! I am so happy to hear that grandpa is doing so well! It´s awesome to hear all the people that have been fasting and praying for him! I know that the power of prayer and fasting is so real and I´m so grateful to have been able to take part in fasting and praying for grandpa! Please keep me updated on him! Also CONGRATS Jared and Kelsie!!! Ahhhh I am so excited that you´re having a boy!!! I was thinking all week that it was going to be a girl, but I am super stoked!! Also it sounds like London´s birthday party was lots of fun!! I can´t believe she´s already 1!! Harvest sounds like one big family reunion! How fun to have so much family helping with it and I´m glad it´s going well!! Please send me pictures of harvest, and our family and everything! I love all the pictures you´ve all been sending me including Josh´s funny face, Whit´s family, Kristie´s dark hair (i love it) and Garrett´s sweet jumping horses with Brigham!! Also it´s so fun to hear about volleyball and football! Good job Kristie and Garrett! It sounds like you´re going to have awesome teams!!

Well, things here in Colombia have been AWESOME this week!!! We got to go out proselyting for 3 hours on friday and it was sooo awesome to be out feeling like a real missionary teaching real people!! Haha so funny story, we ran into these two different people that tried to preach their religions to us. The first guy we talked to for a little bit and then just ended up trading pamphlets with him and then this other crazy lady was telling us all about Joseph Smith and multiple wives and everything and she talked so long that we were 10 minutes late to the bus and there were people running all over this neighborhood looking for us! But it was so aweosme because we talked to this little old lady that wasn´t super intersted in what we had to say about the church, but she liked talking to us and kissed us when we left! We also found this guy just walking down the street with us and he was super intersted in hearing the gospel so we got all his information for the missionaries in the area to go find him. we also found these two guys loading a semi and they were also really interested so it was super cool to have some good experiences!! I love street contacting!!
We also have been teaching a ¨less active¨ here at the CCM (he´s a teacher that dresses up) but it was so awesome because he was soooo dificult to teach because he believed he was doing everything right in his life and could just do service and be a good person and everything was fine so he wouldn´t come to church. Anyway, we taught him for a few weeks and we finally broke through to him and he said he would go to church! The spirit was so strong and it was awesome because even though he was a ¨fake¨ person, we still felt the spirit so stong in the lessons! I think it was a little glimpse of what it´s like to teach real people!
So this morning we got to go through the temple in a spanish session! It was really neat and even though I couldn´t understand all the words, the spirit was still so strong! After we went to the temple, all the people that have been at the CCM for 4 weeks go to go out on tour! We rode up this ski lift thing to the top of this mountain and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! On one side was the giant city of Bogota and the other side was all jungle! It was seriously so pretty! It was also super fun because we got to buy the jersies that everyone in south america has… so I am now a true South American Missionary! 🙂 It was also awesome because we got to go to Mcdonalds and buy ice cream!!! That´s one thing I´ve realized that I´ve missed a ton is candy and American ice cream!! Haha so that was super fun!
Oh and on sundays we all prepare talks, and then they randomly call people up to give their talks… well I was one of the lucky chosen ones last week and I can honestly say I will be so happy when I know everything that I said in that talk!! 🙂 I knew what it all said the night before when I wrote it and translated it into spanish, but when I was on the stand I was just trying to say all the words and not choke because I was so nervous! I tried to tell a story that I hadn´t written down and I got into the middle of a sentence and didn´t know a word and had to back track a little but besides that I think it went pretty well! But who knows because I have no idea what I was saying!! 🙂
It was so fun to read all your letters and hear all about all that´s going on at home!! I love you all so much and I want you all to know that I know that this is the only true church on the earth! I´m so grateful and know I have been so blessed in my life to grow up in the church and have this truth all along! I love you all so much and am so excited to talk to you next week! I love you!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes
Oh and I also get a Latina companion tomorrow!! Pray hard that my spanish will be good enough to communicate with her! I´m super excited and know that it will be such a good experience!!!

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