I Love My Family!

Wow thank you all so much for your letters and for the birthday wishes!! Haha it´s so crazy to me that it´s already September! Time here in the MTC is so crazy!!

Happy Anniversary to Josh and Kelsey last week, sorry i forgot to mention it, but I did think of you guys that day as well as Carter on his birthday and Kelsie on her birthday the day before!!! Happy happy birthday to Kelsey this week and Happy anniversary to Kelsey!!! Also Happy birthday to my birthday twin Brooke!! 🙂
Well it was another great week here in Bogota!! I got my new companion last Tuesday and I could not have been more blessed!! Her name is Hna Armengot and she is from Bolivia!! The first thing I told her was that Jared served in Bolivia! She is seriously the best companion I could have asked for and she is always to patient with me! I have to ask her to repeat everything like 3 times before I understand it, but i feel like my Spanish is getting better! I can conjugate verbs so much better now and I´m so excited to get out into the field and talk to real investigators!!! Oh and Dad, I don´t know how you ever learned to talk with the people in Chile because I can barely understand spanish, and the Chileans here have the weirdest accents that I can never understand so I have so much more respect for you than I even did before!! 🙂 Our district leader is from Chile and I have to try so hard not to zone out when he´s talking because it´s so hard to understand!! 🙂 We also got to go to the temple two times this week! The first time was in spanish and thankfully today was in english! It´s amazing how much things can be put into perspective and now I am so grateful anytime anyone talks to me in English!!! But yes this is my last week in the CCM and I am sad to leave but super excited to get to Ecuador!!! We will fly out on tuesday morning at like 8 probably so i get to wake up at 3 or something that morning!! I´m not sure if i will get to call, but if i do it will be SUPER early in the morning! Don´t get your hopes up because President hasn´t said if we can, but if you receive a call I guess it will be a surprise!!
The weather here in Colombia is usually cloudy and I think it rains here every night! but it´s really nice because it´s never too hot! Everything is so green and beautiful and hopefully when i get to Ecuador i can send lots more pictures!!
Thank you for sending all the fun pictues and telling me all about harvest! It sounded so fun to have a dinner out in the fields with grandma hawkes just like old times!! and it´s so awesome that there are so many family memberes helping with harvest!!!
I´m sorry this is short! this is literally the shortest hour of the week, but I want you all to know that I love you all so much and I{m so grateful because i know that i have the best family in the whole world!!! Good luck Garrett on your first game and Kristie it sounds like you´re killing it in volleyball!! Please everyone be safe and know that I love you all and pray for you so much!! This is the true church and I´m so grateful to be here serving the Lord and preparing to teach in Ecuador!! I love you all!!
Love, Hermana HawkesIMG_0153

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