Hola Familia!

I am alive and in Ecuador!! Wow it is so gorgeous here and I love it already!! My day started out at 2 o´clock this morning and we flew out of the Columbia airport to Panama! That was super cool and so gorgeous! We had like a 45 minute layover and I wanted to call so bad, but there just wasn´t enough time! We got to Ecuador and the humidity hit right when we got off the plane, but President and Sister Dennis were at the airport to greet us! They are so so so awesome and so nice! They are from Utah and speak very fluent english so that has been awesome! I´ve been able to talk to Sister Dennis a lot and she is super nice and I have my interview with President in a few minutes! I love you all and I will write on P Day!!! Love, Hermana Hawkes

One thought on “Hola Familia!

  1. Wow, looks like your in it full force. We are happy all is well and thank you for putting us on your list. Life is just going like crazy here with the sports seasons going strong. Keep on keeping on. Dave


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