Hola Familia

Hey it was great to hear from everyone today!! Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and letters! I wish that I could respond to each one of you individually but this is literally the shortest hour of the whole week! But I`m so grateful for all the support and can really feel the love! Thank you so much!! I`m so glad to hear that you completed harvest and that all went well! This is one of my favorite times of the year and I`ve thought of harvest and the sports and everything a lot!! It`s so fun to  hear how you`re all doing!! Krisite Wow… Athlete of the week, homecoming royalty… man what more could you possibly ask for in one week! 🙂 You`re so awesome! Keep letting your special spirit shine through to everyone! Garr that picture of the elk was so sweet!!! I can´t believe your arrow was broken! Dang next time right?? And seriously bud you need to stop being so good at everything and then maybe you wouldn`t get hurt! I know you will be back in no time! 🙂

Well, this has been a crazy exciting week! I`m in Ecuador! Wow I never thought this time would come and I`ve already been here for almost a week! The first day we got here we got to go to President Dennis`s house and he and his wife are sooo nice! They are from Utah so it was nice that i could actually understand them… 🙂 We had meetings all that day and then I got my trainer! Her name is Hna Fuentes and she is from Guatemala! We are figuring out how to communicate with a lot of actions until I can actually talk well enough to communicate but my spanish has come a long ways, besides the fact that she usually has to translate to the people what I`m saying!! So We were in an area called Peñas for 2 days and then we got switched! Peñas seriously looked like the places off of movies where there are broken steps and houses stacked on top of each other and everything! It was crazy to believe that I´m actually here! I´m now in a city called Daule which is north of Guayaquil. I LOVE IT HERE!!! It`s a ¨small town¨ and there are only 4 hermanas here! We have a super nice apartment and that`s a huge blessing!! The people here are so accepting and their windows are always open because they don´t have air conditioning and it`s pretty warm so you just walk up to the window and yell and they come out and talk! It`s so cool!! It`s pretty warm here!! Just imagine walking the parade route of Sun Valley or Salt lake all day… 🙂 and then add some humidity! But it`s super beautiful and reminds me of the pictures I`ve seen of Africa!We eat lots of rice!!! and then usually some kind of meat that looks like they literally killed it right before they cooked it!! Haha what a fun expereince this is!!! 🙂  The food here is actaully super good! I`ll also send pictures next week!!
I love to go out and teach lessons!! Irt`s so cool to teach real peop’le now and actually help them!! so the first people are Darwin and Shirley. They are a couple that is less active and expecting their first baby. They just need to come to church!! We had a lesson with them yesterday about preparing to go to the temple and they seemed to really like that! I was able to testify of the blessings that come being sealed to my family in the temple and I`m so grateful for that!!!
The next family is the Mila family. The dad died a few years ago and the mom is a super stong member! Her kids are mostly inactive so we had a lesson with her daughter and the boyfriend about getting married and we`re going back more times this week to teach each of her kids different lessons! It`s so cool to see the interest that they have and try to say something that will help them make their lives better!
We also went and talked to a mom and son named Benilda and Juan. They had a baptism date set but haven`t been going to church so I was able to invite them to be baptized again and set a new date! We have a lot to do to help them but they will get there!
Last we talked with the Castro family last night. They have a son that is super strong and is actually a ward missionary, but his parents always work on sundays. we had a lesson with the dad Pablo about praying and it was so cool to see the son testify to the dad of the blessings that he could have in his life if he would pray! These people are all so awesome and they are all changing my life in small ways!!
I love you all so much and I´m so grateful for the awesome family and support that I have. Yo se que esta Iglesia es la verdadera y que este obra es de el Señor. Yo se que tenemos muchos bendiciones en nuestros familia y que Padre Celestial es siempre aqui para nosotros. If that`s not right you can have dad or Jared translate!! 🙂 I love you all! Please be safe and know that I love you all!!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

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