Hola Familia

Wow how fun to hear from you all! I love hearing what`s happening with all of your weeks and all the experiences you`re having!! It sounds like homecoming was super fun! I loved all the pictures of all of you and all the fun stories! Thank you so much! Oh and I`m jealous taht Jared talked at the assembly! I tried to get him when I was in high school so you guys are lucky!! Also good job Brooke! Wow DYW is so much fun and I`m so glad she did such a good job! Please tell SAlly good luck on her talk and on her mission! It will be fun to hear her mission experiences! Also it was fun to hear that Garrett and DAd have been working on spanish! I know the struggle Garr… 🙂 You can do it!!!

Ok so to answer some questions! I absolutely love my companion! She is a super hard worker and is super patient with me so we have been getting along great! She`s also so motherly over me and always asks if I`m ok and when I start crossing the street and she thinks a car is too close she says Êspera! Va a morir antes de su tiempo! I always laugh because I think I know when to not get hit by a car but it`s super funny!! 🙂 We cook our own breakfast and dinner and eat with members for lunch! the lunches are always huge but wow I love the food here!!
I love the missionary work here more and more everyday! At first, it was kind of a shock that we were out teaching lessons and looking for people to teach for like 8 hours a day (I don`t know what I was expecting…) 🙂 but now I really look forward to it! The more families and people we meet the more it energizes me to want to go out and find people, and I understand a little bit more everyday which makes it that much more fun to talk to people! So two of my favorite families here are the family of Hna Mila and the Castro family. Hna Mila is a member but her kids are all less active. I think they all really enjoy when we go to their house though because they all come and listen and always offer us a cool fruit drink, chips, or literally anything they can find! They are super nice! A few days ago we were passing by and the daughter who had a little boy who`s 5 was grating yucca so we asked if we could help! That was super funa and something I`ve never done! Then they asked if we wanted to help them make fried yucca with cheese in the middle and I think I have found my new favorite Ecuadorian food! It was super fun and they said they will send me yucca when I´m back in the US! THe other family is the Castro family. The dad was baptized a little while ago so we have been teaching him the lessons all again, but he struggles with coming to church because he works on sundays. He works in fast food, which is funny because he just has this cart that he goes out and sells food from! But he`s super nice and his family is also super nice and so fun!!!
We also found a lady named Glenda this week and she listened and seemed really interested in our message! She agreed to come with us to church, so she came with her 8 year old son and I think they really enjoyed it! I was amazed at the joy I felt when they came to church and the honest desire I have for them to progress and to be baptized so that they can have the joy of the gospel in their lives!! I love how the gospel can help people and truly improve their lives! I know that when we follow the principles of the gospel and go to church that we can truly feel closer to our families and closer to our Father in Heaven! I know this because the more I testify of it to others, the more I know it is true! I am so grateful for this time that I have to help peple come to Christ and feel the joy of the gospel that I have in my life! I know I am so blessed to be here in Ecuador at this time and that the Lord is preparing people at this time for me and my companions to go find! I love this work and love the people of Ecuador!!
I love you all so much and love hearing from all of you! Thank you so much for the uplifting and fun messages! I miss you all and pray for you daily! Please be safe! All my love, Hermana Hawkes

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