Another Beautiful Week in Ecuador!

Hello my Awesome Family! It was so fun to hear from all of you! Thank you so much for all the fun emails and the pictures! Mom and Dad, thank you for all the updates! I love hearing what`s going on with the family from you! Josh it sounds like your house looks great and I loved all your thoughts from conference!! Jared it sounds like your house looks awesome and that you are having tons of fun hunting!! I would love a picture of Kelsie`s cute tummy!! Whit thanks for the update on everything and for the funny story of London! Sadly, I didn`t get the pictures! I don`t know what happened! Kristie wow you are doing so well in volleyball! 14 kills in one game! Keep it up and I cant wait to hear next week that you beat Salmon! Good luck!! Oh and there is always american mucic here and i heard Sugar this week and thought of youª! 😉 and have fun at the dance!  Garr wow seriously every week i get another update on how awesome you are doing in football and i keep thinking wowo how does he do that with a broken arm!! Great job bud! Have fun hunting and be careful!! Oh also something funny for all of you, we were eating lunch at a member`s house this week and they were watching `just for laughs` and it reminded me of when we would all watch them together and die laughing!!

The work here in Daule is moving forward! We are working with some great people and it`s always such a joy to find new people. This past week at zone conference I felt like evey message there was specifically for me and I know that all of our leaders are so inspired. Hermana Fuentes and I had the opportunity to give talks on contacting and on working with our investigators, and I was actually able to speak in what I hope was coherent spanish for 10 minutes. I know that the Lord is blessing me with the gift of tounges, and even though my spanish still isn`t really good, it is getting better and I know this is a blessing.
I have been really excited to work with two of our investigators that have baptism dates. Sister Glenda and Oliver have been progressing so well and are always so receptive to the messages we have and always say that they want to come to church and want to learn more. They always read and are doing really well in always remembering to pray. We passed by for them on Friday and Saturday and weren`t able to teach, but they said that they were coming to church and we could pass by for them. We passed by on Sunday morning and found out that Glenda´s son had been in accident the night before and she had taken him to the hospital and was too tired and couldn`t come to church, which means that she can`t be baptized this coming week. Honestly walking away from her house after hearing that, I wanted to cry. I wanted her to be baptized so badly this coming week and knowing that that wasn`t going to happen made me so sad. She is still doing well though and has a desire to be baptized, and I realized that I need to focus on this and helping her to be baptized. I know that she is a great person and needs this covenant in her life, and am excited to keep working with her this week. Also, when we showed up for church, none of the people that had commited (9) came… so that was kind of disappointing! if any of you past missionaries have good advice or productive ways to get people to come i am more than open to advice!!! But i also had the opportunity to play this tiny keyboard in sacrament meeting. I was praying that the songs wouldn`t be hard since its a keybord and i never get to practice… and the first son had 4 flats! Let`s just say Lori Ann would be slightly less than proud of how I played it but i did make it through! The people don`t really sing because they aren`t used to having a piano, but my companion sings loud and that made me feel better!! Also something kind of funny, We had testimony meeting and it really was such a great meeting with hardly any breaks in between people or anything and the testimonies were so uplifting. There was a break in people, and all the people on the stand looked at me like `your turn` so i got up an bore my testimony whether i was going to or not, but it ended up being ok… I think!
We also had another investigator Jorge commit to baptism and that was really exciting! He has a wife and grown kids but he was the only one in his family that was very interested in coming to church and being baptized. The last few days when we have gone to teach him he is never home so that has been hard, but hopefully we will be able to contact him and keep working with him this week!
We also found a new investigator this week named Jony and he is also really receptive! We were able to teach him with 2 members present and I know that it is so much more effective to have members in the lessons because the people feel more comfortable, and it is so great to have more people to share their experiences and testimonies! The lesson went great and hopefully we can get his family to start listening to the messages as well.
Oh also another kind of funny story! I was talking to a lady this week and i told her I am from Los Estados Uniños… haha oh somethimes i just have to laugh off my spanish because I seriously don`t know how anyone understands me… thank goodness the spirit is the teacher and not me!!
I am so grateful to be here doing the Lord`s work. I know this is such a great work and I am so grateful for the opportunity that i have to share my testimony everyday!! I know that We all have a very specific plan and that Heavenly Father is very mindful of each and every one of us!! I love ykou all so much and I`m so grateful for all of you! I have the best family in the world! I love you all!!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes
My scripture for this week was 3 Nephi 5:13. and i have truly come to love this scripture! It means a ton to me as a missionary, but I think that it can apply in all of our lives!!

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