Dear Family

How is the best family in the world???

Wow it is always so great to hear all your updates and everything you are doing! I´m sorry I can´t respond to you all personally because I am super short on time today, but know that I read all your emails and am so grateful for each of your messages and pictures!!! Thank you sooooo much!! I love you all tons!!!
Well, this was a great week! We had super great lessons and found some awesome people!! Glenda and Oliver came to church on sunday and passed their interviews so we are looking forward to their baptisms on Friday!!! I can´t wait and they are so excited! Glenda asked me to give one of the talks at her baptism so that will be really fun and I hope that I can say something that will help her realize that she is making such an important step in her life!
We also had 9 of the families we have been working with this week come to church!! yay! It is always so fun to see people we have been working so hard with finally come to church!! One of the ladies is a new investigator that we have been working with and I sat by her in gospel principles and then in Relief Society I walked in and was looking around for somewhere to sit and she motioned for me to go sit by her so that kind of made me feel good! I love the people here and the more I am around them and trying to talk, the more my love grows!
We also found a less active this week and she has two little boys that aren´t baptized, so we invited them to church and to be baptized teh 14 of November and they were thrilled!! They are 8 and 9 and they seriosly couldn´t stop smiling! It will be fun to keep working with them!!!
I had a super spiritual experience this week and my testimony of our prayers being answered was strenghtened so much! we were teaching one of my favorite families and I bore my testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers all of our prayers and started telling these two boys the experience of fasting and praying to know if I should go on a mission, and I started to cry because I had such an overwhelming feeling that Heavenly Father really does love us and answer every one of our prayers through the Holy Ghost! I know that this is true and that when we will truly listen for our answers from the Holy Ghost, we will always find our answer!
Good news– I didn´t get transfered! I am so happpy to be here in Daule and Cant wait to keep working hard here! I´m sorry this is so short and I am out of time and can´t send pictures, but I love kyou all so much and am so grateful for trhe best family and sulpport group ever!!! I lvoe you all!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

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