Hola Familia

Hello my awesome family! Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear DAd and Grandma Griffeth, Happy birthday to you!! I hope this is a super fun birthday week and that you all eat enough enchiladas for me!!
It was so great to her from all of you and all the things you`re doing!! It sounds like Keane`s wedding was so great! Also, Kristie awesome job in volleyball! I am so happy that you won that game! and also honor`s society Vp wow how fun!!! haha and way to do your 10000 shots! Garr, awesome job in football bud!! Yay i am so excited that you guys made it to state! Good luck! and have fun with your tree stand. Im glad to hear that the field work is almost done and that you are hauling grain!!
The highlight of the week was that Glenda and Oliver were baptized. There was such a special feeling in their baptism! The ward all chipped in and helped them feel so welcome, and the neatest thing was to hear Glenda bear her testimony. She said that she felt something special the day that we found her and that she had a longing to keep learning more. She said that she knows this is the beginning of a great change for her and her family and that she has never felt the feeling that she had after her baptism! She also said that she felt great after being confirmed! Sadly, Oliver was not able to be confirmed on Sunday, but we will be sure to help him to be there for church this coming sunday! We have also been working with a new investigator named Joselyn who had two little girls and is separated from her partner. She seems so interested and has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon. It is great to see her progress and I know that if we can help her to come to church and continute to learn that this will truly bring happiness in her life.
We are also working with a less active and her two sons who now have baptismal dates. The first thing they said when we walked in their door after attending church was ¨we have two more Sundays before we can be baptized´It was so neat and they were super attentive and answered lots of questions in the lesson about the Plan of Salvation.
This past week my goal in 12 weeks was to teach the Book of Mormon and my love has grown so much for this book! I know it is the keystone to our religion and that if the people will develop a testimony of the Book of Mormon, that they will have a testimony of everything else in the church so much easier and this will help their lives so much. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and to serve! I am loving it here and love serving! I miss you all and pray for you all so many times every day! I am grateful for the gospel and how it blesses families! Please all be safe and know that I love you all so much!!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes

I will really try to send pictures next week of the baptism! I forgot my camera this week! I love you all!


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