A Week Full of Blessings

Hola!! How is my awesome family doing this week??? 🙂
I always love reading all of your emails and the pictures you send me are priceless!! thank you so much! I truly know we have the best family in the world and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for all of you and how blessed we are as a family!
Josh Congrats on the new job!!! Wow that sounds so awesome and I am so happy for you! Good luck and I can´t wait to hear how it goes! Kels, thanks for the update! Your email made me laugh and it is so fun to hear the missionary work you are doing!! Keep it up! Jared and Kels, it sounds like you have quite the little dancer and that she is also super smart in school! Wow how fun! Thank you for the pictures and Jared your deer looks awesome!! Whit and Shane, thanks for keeping the family company during mom´s surgery! Also whit your YW night looked incredible as well as the bridal shower! You guys are all so crafty!! Kristie… um wow… there aren´t even words! You started the game, jumped, and were super aggressive! Awesome job! Keep it up! Good luck this week! Garr! how are you bud? it sounds like you and Jared had fun in the tree stand and jumping over the barbed wire fence… 😉 I am not surprised that your boot hasn´t slowed you down at all! Dad and Mom, It is so fun to hear your updates on everyone! Thank you so much for being so good at keeping me informed! I love you all so much and am always praying for you! Mom i know your surgery will go well! I love you!
This has been a really good week! The best part was that Dimas and Darlyn were baptized and confirmed this week! The baptism was so special and it was so neat to see two brothers be baptized at the same time and then later confirmed at the same time in church! They were so happy and couldn´t stop smiling! Their mom Martha also bore her testimony at their baptism and said that she was so grateful that her only 2 kids could be baptized at the same time and she really felt the spirit. She cried in her testimony and it is also really cool because she is a recent rescatada so it has been awesome to see them progress as a family. They always ask if we will pass by their house everyday and visit them and keep teaching them and they always ask me to say the prayer because it´s the tradition now and it is kind of funny!
We also had our other investigator with a batpism date assist church yesterday! WE passed by his house and he was out working in the fields and his family said that they didn´t know when he would be back and I was kind of disappointed. But as we were walking to the next house to make sure the people were coming to church, Hermana Fuentes said Let´s go down this street, and it was a street that we don´t usually use, and we ran into Hno Vicente riding his bike home from work and we asked if he was coming to church and he said yes! I know that Hermana Fuentes was inspired and it was awesome to see him at church with his whole family. He also brought one of his less active daughters, so it was great to see so much of the family there.
We have been working hard with our rescadados and menos activos and they are really progressing! It is great to meet the less actives and try to help them see the light of the gospel in their lives and the happiness in their families when they start coming to church again! I have really seen the gospel change families and I know this is why the Gospel is so focused on the families! I know that this is such a special message that we are here sharing with these people and my love for the gospel and the people here grows more and more each day! I am understanding more and more spanish and I love it because I can try to help the people and offer advice or bear testimony of a truth that can help them in their lives. I know this is a special work and I love being here in Daule with the great people here!
So a couple random and fun things. We got to go visit a lady that we rescued that just had a baby! it was 2 days old when we saw him and he is sooo cute! I wanted to hold him so bad… but I just touched his hand instead! Almost as good… 🙂 We also had a family give us toast and hot chocolate last night and i thought i was sitting in the kitchen at Gma and Gpa Griffeth´s house! What a fun tradition! We also sang a christmas carrol with them and that was super fun!! We also have a new investigator named Emilia. She is probably 60 years old and sometimes I wonder if she is all there but she is super nice and she always gets a huge smile on her face when she sees us. The only slightly downside is that her house reminds me of the haunted mill… 🙂 it is dark and has kind of an old smell, but the best part is that she has all these dolls and some are missing eyes and heads and I just have to laugh because otherwise I might get scared! But she is doing awesome and she loves what we are teaching her! She wasn´t able to come to church yesterday and she was like hugging me and kissing my cheeks and apologizing. She will come next week though! I know it!
I want you all to know how much I love being a missionary! I know that this work is so important! I am so grateful to be here learning about these people and especially the gospel! My testimony is strengthened everyday that I am here and I love having this opportunity to bear testimony of these truths everyday! I know that baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost are so important and that we can feel that specail spirit every week when we partake of the Sacrament! I love you all and hope you all have a great and successful week!!! I love you all!
All my love, Hermana Hawkes

One thought on “A Week Full of Blessings

  1. thank you so much for adding us onto your list of contacts. Great to hear how things are going. Exciting. You are probably starting to get the language a bit and settling in. So happy for you. Keep it up. Here we are just plugging away. Olivia’s soccer team took state, it was just amazing. They beat the big teams and got it done. Pretty fun. Shaylee’s vball went to state and did well getting there won one and lost the next two but most of the team of sophmores so it was neat. Now basketball. Loving it. Anyway, keep on keeping on. Dave Priestley


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