Hola Familia

How is everyone doing??? Happy Anniversary to Jared and Kels yesterday! I`m sorry I didn`t say it last week, but it was written in my planner! It sounds like you had fun! Also, Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for the awesome family that I have and also I am so thankful for this time that I have as a missionary!
Thank you all so much for your awesome stories and the updates! I love hearing how you are all doing and am so greatful for each one of you! Good luck with all the things you are doing this week- work, games, houses… sorry I don`t have time to write individually, but I am thinking of each of you and love you all so much!!

This has been a great week! We have been working with the girl named Scarleth who is our upcoming baptism! Her mom is a less-active and they have both been a lot of fun to teach! They have already assisted church twice and are really faithful! It is so great to see them progress and they also have two little boys in the family and it is great to see them come all together to church!!

We have also been working hard this week to find new people! We have a few sectors that are a little ways drive in the mototaxis and a few days ago we traveled all the way across town for 4 appointments, and none of them were home. So I turned to Hermana Fuentes and said “Well, let`s find the reason that we were supposed to come here.” So we started knocking doors, and had some good contacts, and we were about to leave and knocked on one more door. The guy was really hesitant at first, but after a little bit his wife came and they invited us in and we had an awesome lesson with them! We talked about family history and how important the famlies are and incoorporated that with the message about the Restoration, and it was probably one of the most spiritual lessons I`ve had here on my mission! It went great and they committed to come to church, but when we passed by for them they weren`t there, but we are excited to keep working with them and helping them!

Also to find new people, this week I started teaching piano class! 🙂 Haha it was kind of challenging because I had no idea what any of the vocabulary for piano stuff was but it ended up being pretty good and I think the 11 people we had there enjoyed it (including the ward mission leader, and branch president). We are going to keep doing the piano class for a few weeks to see how it goes and see if we can get more people to come!

We also has our big Christmas Conference with the mission and it was so fun to get together with the entire mission! There were great messages on what we can give to the Savior this year for Christmas and the musical numbers were incredible of missionaries singing!! I love this time of year!!

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve as a missionary! As this week is Thanksgiving (even though we don`t celebrate it here) I have been thinking of reasons why I am thankful! I am so grateful to have such an awesome family that helps and inspires me so much in this work! I am also so grateful for the gospel in our lives and the happiness that it brings! I truly know that the most happiness we can have in our lives comes through living the Gospel and following the example of the Savior! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and remember how much I love you all!!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes

P.S. Funny side note… If you don`t get it ask Jared or Garrett! But this week we found the son of a less active named Steven, but here they say it Esteven… and when he said it I started laughing because it sounded like Phteven!


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