Hola from Ecuador

How is my amazing family doing this week?? It sounds like you all had so much fun with Thanksgiving and that there was quite the party at our house! HOw fun! I would also love to see pictures of our house all decorated for Christmas! IT sounds so cute!
This was a great week! I went on exchanges with Hermana Twitchell on Wednesday and we had a good day! It is good to get new teaching ideas from different people and also to see how different it is to teach with a different companion. I learned a lot from her and used that time to clarify anything that I haven`t understood in spanish! 🙂 She is from Utah! That night we also had the piano class and it went pretty well! I had the tiny keyboard to help me teach this time and that was way fun! I taught them how to play `pan caliente` aka hot crossed buns and I think they enjoyed it! It makes me laugh because the faithful attenders include our President of the branch, the secretary, and then some other awesome members, but we are going to start seeing investigators come! I can feel it!
Thursday (Happy Thanksgiving) we visited a family that has a lot of less active kids and the mom was so sweet. She told us that she loves when we drop by every few days because we bring the spirit into their home! Her daughter who is less active was in the lesson and her mom told us that she hasn`t wanted to pray or go to church and so we started talking to her and tried to help figure out what she could do to gain these desires. She started to cry and we ended up having a super spiritual lesson and by the end she realized that these things really are the things that are going to make her happy in her life, and it was so awesome to see a change in her in the short time that we were there! She ended up coming to church on Sunday and had her interview to be rescued! I love when we get to see changes happening in the lives of these awesome people!
Friday we got to teach the little girl that is preparing to be baptized on the 12th and it is so fun because she has two little brothers that are seriously so cute named Kendri and Kenser and everytime we walk up to their house they yell `Hermanas!!! We`ve missed you!` it is so cute and it makes me think of all my cute little neices and nephews at home!!
Sunday was probably one of the best days on my mission so far! Church was so uplifting and the messages were all about keeping the sabbath day holy and the things that we can do in our homes to help with this commandment! It was so great to hear and be reminded of the importance of this day for the Lord and also in our lives! I know that this is a commandment that is soo important for us and really does make a huge difference in our lives. After church we went out contacting in an area where we have never been and wow we found 3 great contacts right off the bat! I am so excited to go back and teach them! We also happened to knock on the door of a less active and invited her to come back to church and she said she would! We also stopped by for Martha (the mom of Dimas and Darlyn who were just baptized) and we had literally been in her house for maybe 2 minutes and she started crying and telling us all the hard things that are happening in her life, but we were able to talk to her and by the end she was doing a lot better, but it was such a testimony builder on how the Spirit guides us to the people who need help!
This has been a great week for us here in Daule! I finished my training this past week and it is crazy to think that there is mission after the 12 week training! But I am excited to have the extra hour to go out and work and I am grateful for all that I learned in the 12 weeks! I also finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish this past week and my testimony of it has grown so much! I am excited to start reading it again now that I understand more in Spanish, and I am also excited to start studying Preach My Gospel! This morning was my first time studying for the investigators and I am already realizing that it takes practice and a lot of listening to the Spirit to know what the investigators are going to need to help them in their lives!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

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