A Great Week in Ecuador

Hey How are you all doing??? 🙂 As always, it was sooo incredibly great to hear from you all! I am sorry that I don`t have time to write you all individually this week, but I truly loved each email and picture and am thinking about you all and praying for you tons! I am so glad to hear that you all had such a fun get together for Kristie`s birthday and it was super fun to see you all together!!
 This has truly been a great week as I have been able to witness miracles and continue to realize how blessed I really am to be here witnessing miracles each and everyday. We always teach that Heavenly Father is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and the more my testimony grows of this, the more I realize that I am truly witnessing the same kind of miracles that took place with Christ… sometimes we just have to look a little harder because if we aren`t careful, they will pass us by without us even realizing it. But I think this is how the miracles worked with Christ too. Many people missed them and so many missed the significance of them because they weren`t looking for them and weren`t spiritually prepared to witness them. I know that I am blessed to be here witnessing these miracles!
This was a great week here in Daule! I was able to go on an exchange with Hna Casimiro in Hna Fuentes`and my sector and we had a good and successful day. It is always great for me to see how different people teach and to get new ideas of how to teach. Our zone leaders also come that day and they were able to meet some of the families that we have started working with, and helped us teach and it really was a great experience. I think Heavenly Father wanted to test me a little bit because when I was `In charge of going to the appointments with one of the zone leaders and another priesthood holder that went with us´ nobody was home. We went to 4 different houses and then started contacting. I was a little bit stressed out, but I think it was Heavenly Father`s way of letting me know that I am not the one in charge of things and that He knows best. It ended up being a great experience and I learned a lot from it.
We have also had a great week with some of the people we have been working with. We have been asking references like crazy to the members of the ward council and Wow… my testimony of asking references has grown so much! They have given us some great references and it has been great to get to know these people. One of the people we visited came to church yesterday, and when we went to her house after, she told us that she has been looking for a church and something to truly change her life for the best and truly believes that the church can help her do that! It was such an awesome thing to see in her life and it was even more great because it came through the inspiration of a member that was willing to help us and wasn`t afraid to give us the name of a reference!
We have also been working with a less active that is 85 years old. She is super receptive and loves to talk to us as she is a widow. Whenever we go she loves to tell us stories about her life, and I love hearing of her experiences and learning from her! This week when we passed by to visit her, she was sooo excited and couldn`t wait to tell us that she had read her Book of Mormon. We were kind of shocked because she can`t see very well and because of this she hadn`t read at all. We asked her how she was reading and she went and got her book and a magnifying glass and told us that someone had given her this magnifying glass so that she could read and then she started reading for us! What a small but incredible experience to see her so excited to finally be able to read the Book of Mormon.
My testimony was also strengthened so much of church attendance this week. One of the ladies we have rescued and her two sons that we baptized told us that they were going to walk to church because they didn`t have money to take a mototaxi. We talked to a member of the ward taht has a car and he said that he could pass by and pick them up. So on sunday morning we were out gathering our investigators and we saw this faithfull mother and her two happy boys leaving their house an hour early for church so that they could walk all the way there. They were as happy as could be and weren`t one bit discourages for the long walk ahead. We caught them and told them that the member would pick them up and they gratefully said thank you and returned to their house to wait. Not once did they complain! Also when we got to church, there was another family there that hasn`t been able to come for 2 weeks because they didn`t have money, but this week they had saved their money to be able to come. It was incredible for me to see these faithful members and the sacrifices that they made to be able to attend church because they knew that they needed to and that it would truly bless them.
Again, I am so grateful to be here witnessing all of these things. I am so grateful for Hermana Fuentes and the great companion that she is to me. she is teaching me so much and I truly love her. I love the Lord and I love this time that I have to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I hope that you all have a great week. I love you all so much!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

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