My Amazing Family!

Dear Family,

Wow it was so great to hear from all of you and the crazy busy week that you have had. I love being in the loop and just know taht I am cheering you all on in all that you are doing, even if i am a long ways away!!

Moday, during P-day we were able to go visit one of the people that the other Hermanas have been working with to rescue and also the sister of the little boy that just got baptized. She was going to teach us how to crochet. She started explaining and tried to show us how to do it, and after a few attempts and no success from my part, she switched and had me make a bracelet.

This week we were able to go to the temple with the branch and also to a big multi zone conference in Guayaquil! It truly was a great week and I enjoyed it so much and also was able to learn a lot and to feel the Spirit so strongly. I know that President and Sister Dennis are so inspired in each of the things they teach us, and I felt like each topic was exactly what I needed to hear, be doing, and the things that I need to to better in order to help the people we are teaching to progress! I know that this is the work of the Lord and that he is training us as missionaries so that we can find and help His children, and also to help us become better servant of Him for the rest of our lives.
We had a really great week! So funny story. On monday, for Pday we went to learn to crochet from one of the ladies in our ward. to make a long story short…. I sat there for a long time on the second step and struggled for a long time and the member (probably the most patient person I have ever met) finally came over to me and said `How about you  make a bracelet` and it wasn`t crocheted… so in other words, I can not crochet!!
Tuesday we had a great zone meeting and I really realized that I need to do a better job of being exactly obedient, whether it is in the schedules that we have or being exactly obedient to the things that my companion tells me! I also learned that I have a lot of humbling to do. I know that this is one of the things that the Lord would have me be learning right now, so I am working on being a lot more humble in the things I think, do, and say.
Wednesday, we were able to have some great lessons during the day and then we got to go to the temple that night with the branch. It was so amazing to see a bus full of 37 people all going to the temple to help further the work of the Lord. It was really great to see because we had people that have recently been reactivated, baptized, and the faithful members. I was sad because our recent convert Glenda wasn`t able to go and she had been so excited, but I know that she knows it is important and we will keep working with her to help her get there!
The next day at the Multi zone conference I was so spiritually fed! I came to the conference with a lot of questions of what we can do better in our area, how we can help the people, and what I need to be doing better as a missionary, and I had every single one of my questions answered from you and Sister Dennis. I loved getting to review the worldwide mission training again and for the things that I learned a second time. I am excited to watch it again and learn even more this week! I also learned so much about how we need to set good plans and then have faith to carry out these plans. I know that faith truly is a gift of the Spirit and that is a gift that I want to have and need to work on, so I was so grateful to learn that.
Yesterday I was able to go on exchanges with Hermana Twitchell and we had a great day. We were able to find a lot of the people in our plans and it was great to get more ideas from her and see how much care and interest she has in each person she teaches and the clarity that she teaches with. I learned so much from her and was grateful for the opportunity to work with her. We were also able to find a really neat contact. It was a guy whos wife just died 8 days ago. We were able to bare testimony to him of the plan of Salvation and that He can see his wife again someday, and the was pretty teary eyed. I don`t know if he will be able to progress, but it was really neat to be able to meet him and hopefully help him in this challenging time in his life. I know the Lord is putting people in our way so that we can share the light of the gospel with them.
We have also been able to find some great investigators this week! One of them is named Dalia and she has been really strong from the beginning! She is reading the Book of Mormon and already has a testimony of the things we have been teaching and is always so excited and willing to pray! I have realized that that is when we know the people are truly becoming converted. Hermana Fuentes and I have really been focusing on teaching the people and teaching to their needs and listening to their lives, and we have really seen the difference! I love serving here with Hermana Fuentes and all the people that we are able to see and teach. I know that this is the work of the Lord and know that this is such an important work! Have a great week and please always remember how much I love all of you! I pray for you all individually  in the things that you are doing and know that the Lord is blessing us as a family! I love you all!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes
Picture 1: We were going to the Temple and Multizone conference
Picture 2: We were matching this day!
Picture 3: When we went to Sister’s Conference

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