Hola from Ecuador!

Hello my amazing family!!! it sounds like you have all had a great week and that you are all doing well!! I pray for you all sooo much and love hearing taht you are doing great!! I loved seeing all the pictures of all of you!! thank you so much! I am so sorry but i didnt have time to email you all but thank you all soo much and I will hopefully have more time next week! This coming week is transfers so I will be getting a new companion on Monday for sure, I jsut dont know if I will be switching areas or not!!! Happy Happy Birthday Mckade!! I sent a letter that had a little letter for Mckade and I hope it made it!! If not please know that I tried and I hope he has a very happy birthday!! the following is an overview of our week that I sent to president so if some parts dont make sense I`m sorry but I jsut have no time today!!! I love you all sooo much and hope you continue to do great!!! You are all always in my prayers and I love you all so much!!! Love, Hermana Hawkes

This has been a great week here in Daule! It was fun to be in the house with the other sisters for Carnival and just to get to know them all better! Monday we had a fun day and were able to play carnival a little bit and all ended up laughing until we could hardly breathe! We had a great time with a Family Home Evening that night and were able to share our favorite scriptures with each other, and also shared experiences from our missions! I love getting to know Sister Fuentes, Casimiro, Twitchell better as we are able to do these fun activities! Tuesday was also great and I really enjoyed all the time that we had to study and really learned a lot. It was great to study the talk on The Godhead by Elder Holland and I really did gain such a great understanding that they are 3 seperate beings but are perfect in their unity and their purpose. I also really liked that it explained how they each have thier different characteristics and I had never really thought of that, but they truly are 3 different beings with different personalities and different ideas like all of us, but are able to work in perfect unity! That was a great learning experiences, and also all the rest of the studies that we were able to do that day! We also had fun cooking and inventing new things that we can make with our little double burner! 🙂
On Friday we were able to visit one of the less active families here in the branch, and it was so neat because we were teaching this girl named Diana and she has had so many problems in her marriage and in her family and we were trying to help her. We started teaching about the Atonement and how we know that Jesus Christ can help her in her life. It is amazing how when we are trying to help other people and bearing testimony to them, how our own testimonies grow so much! In this moment I was reading Alma 7:11 to her and the Spirit came over me so strong and I was able to bear testimony to her that I know that Christ payed for all of our sins and knows exactly how we feel in everything we are doing (and I even started crying…) but in that moment I felt the truthfulness so strongly of the Atonement so strongly, and I know that it is such a powerful tool in each of our lives. It is the only way we can return to live with our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ truly does know how we feel and knows exactly how to help us in every situation. All we have to do is ask for His help!
Saturday, Hermana Fuentes completed her 18 months! That was really a bittersweet day! It was so happy because there was just a feeling of accomplishment in the air, but it was sad to think how short our time is together and I truly am so grateful for all the fun times we have had together and for all the things I have learned from her! She truly is an incredible person and an awesome missionary and I have been so blessed to work with her in these last 5 months!
Sunday, we had a baptism! Two of the boys (Alejandro 11 and Isaìas 8) of a couple we just helped reactivate got baptized before church and then were confirmed in church that day! They were so happy and glowing with the spirit, but my favorite part was to hear the testimonies of the two parents that they know that their kids are on the right path and that they want to help them progress in this life and keep making covenants! We are excited to keep helping this family!

My christmas apron!! thank you all so much! and yes my hair is always crazy! You know how the conditioners say `extra curl`?? well it actually works here… but mostly with my baby hairs! 🙂



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