Big Changes!!!

Hello to all!! It was so great to hear how you are all doing!!!
It sounds like Mckade`s birthday party was soo fun and thank you for the pictures! Also Shane and Whit, I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!!! AHHH!!! 🙂 Garr- good luck in your game tonight! I know that you can do it!!! Focus on this game for now because it is the most important… and then the ones to follow will be great too!! 🙂
Well, this week will be bringing big changes for me! We had transfers today and I get to stay here in Daule! yay!!! and I am going to start training! I will be receiving my new companion on Wednesday and have no other details except that I know she will be a Latina! I am so excited for this new challenge, but so humbled at the same time. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan in everything that He does and I pray for His guidance in this time and know that I will need the spiritual help more than ever!!
This week seemed extrememly short because we spent a few of our days in Guayaquil, but the time that we did have here in our sector was so precious and we had some great things happen! We have been working hard with one of our less active families and it was so great because they all came to church this past Sunday! The girl that we have been working really hard with is named Diana, and she even went with us on visits during the week. She had gone with us before, but this time she was really confident and was able to answer questions we had for her and even invited the people to church! It has been great to see the gospel light up her life and the changes that she is making.
The greatest miracle we saw this week was with the Leòn family. The mom and dad have been pretty hesitant with their testimonies of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We have been working so hard with them, and they are praying, but just didn`t really feel like they were receiving thier answers. We had a really good lesson with them on Saturday and we read the Sacrament Prayers and the Spirit in the lesson was so strong! They were so excited for church, so bright and early on Sunday we went to go get them and they were all ready. The dad had on a white shirt, the mom was in a nice dress, and all of their kids were dressed really nicely. It was so neat for Hna Fruentes and I to be able to sit behind this family of 6 and see as they listened intently to the talks and were able to experience the Sacrament like we had read about the night before. They seemed to really enjoy all the meetings and when we went to visit them after church, the mom answered the door grinning ear to ear and told us that her and her husband had just been talking about us and the church. We asked them all about church and they said they really liked it. Hno Hector (the dad) even told us about that he learned about the natural man and becoming a more spiritual man in priesthood and really enjoyed it. We had a great lesson and were able to bear testimony of the blessings of the gospel in our lives and in our families and that the way to enjoy these blessins is through, faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. We invited them to be baptized and they said YES!!! They didn`t even hesitate or ask any questions! They said yes! While Hermana Fuentes was extending the invitation for them to be baptized, I was praying soo hard in my heart that they would say yes and when they did, I almost started crying for the gratitude I felt with Heavenly Father. I am so excited to help this family progress for their baptism and am so grateful to be able to stay here in Daule to help them! I know that this gospel blesses families and it is the only true way to have the most happiness that we can receive in this life and in the life to come. I know that these blessings come throught Jesus Christ and that He lives!

I love you all SSSSSOOOOO much and am so grateful for the amazing family that I have! thank you for all your encouragement, support and prayers! I can feel them so strongly! I pray for you all so much and please alwasy remember how much I love you all!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes


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