A rainy, but great week in Daule

Dear my amazing family!!!
How are you all doing this week?? It was so great to hear from all of you and the fun things that you are doing! I love getting your updates and the fun pictures of all of you!!
This week has been a great week. I have felt slightly less stressed, and a little bit more like I know what I am supposed to be doing! The first week I felt extrememly overwhelmed, and I really didn`t know that it takes practice planning who to visit at the right time and when to change plans, and when not to! I pray so hard everyday that I will have the spirit to help me know when to do and say things, and I truly know that I am being blessed! One of these blessings that I have been given is Sister Ramalho!  She never even complains when I say that we are going to do practices of the lessons during our studies and when I asked her if she likes the practices she said `no but I know that we need to do them and I want to get better at teaching so let`s do them!` Her attitude has truly been such a great blessing and I know that the Lord is blessing her and us as a companionship!
This week has been a great week here in Daule! I love the time that I have been able to have here, and because I have so much time here, I can pass people on the street and know a lot of them from contacts or lessons that we have had with them, and I truly love the confidence that I have been able to gain with them, and also with the members!! The members are so great and really willing to help us in this great work!! This week on Wedneday we had a Family Home Evening in the home of a member of the Ward Council and it was so great because we were able to bring The Leòn Family and also a few of the less actives we had visited in the week. We watched the video of The Restoration and after when the member asked what everyone had learned, our investigator with a baptism date Hector was the first one to talk and explained the whole vision again. Then after him, one of our recent converts Glenda bore her testimony of the first time she heard the message of the Restoration, and I guess you could say that I had a glimps of what it feels like to be a proud mother!! I was sooo happy to hear the sweet testimonies of these two great people that we have been able to help bring to the gospel!!
Wednesday it rained the hardest I have ever seen it rain and we left the house in our rainboots and ponchos! but it didn`t ruin our spirits!! We were able to visit one of the references we were given and as we were teaching her about Joseph Smith and asked her to pray at the end, she cried in the prayer. I know the the Spirit was working with her and am so grateful for the small but extrememly significant experiences I am witnessing!
The Leòn family is doing great and everything is ready for their baptism this Saturday! We have had great lessons with them this week, and it truly touched my heart to get to teach them this week. They told us that they have had some friends chastize them for listening to us, but it doesn`t bother them because they know they are doing what`s right! They told us that this is something they truly want in their lives and they know they are doing the right thing by following Christ. It was so awesome because the day after the FHE we had a lesson with them, and Hector and Cecilia told us that they really love being with the other members of the church! They said that they feel like they have known them all thier lives, and maybe even before this life! The spirit was sooo strong in the lesson.
Things are going great here. I know the the Lord is blessing us so much and I am so grateful for each of the special experiences that we have! I know that the gospel changes and blesses families and I am so grateful to be part of this work! I hope you have a great week! I love you all so much and pray for you nonstop! please all be safe and remember how much I love you!
Love, Hermana Hawkes


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