Her new companion

The time has started to go by way fast! I truly love being out proselyting and it seems so fast! haha it was nice to sleep in air conditioning and makes me so grateful for the little things in life! Hmmm one strange thing they have is frogs! There are frogs everywhere in the nights when we are walking. Oh also something kind of humorous… The bats have found how to come into our house and we don`t ,know how!! yuck… i seriously hate them! We walked into the big room we have to exercite this morning to discover a bat flying around! It actually ended up being pretty funny because hna Casimiro and I ended up opeing all the screens in the room and trying to hit the flying bat with a broom and mop!! hahaha looking back now I think it`s hilarious, but this morning it wasn`t super funny!!

She is AWESOME!! Everyone told me that it would be hard to have a new companion, but she is super happy, fun, humble and just super sweet!!

My companion is the one on the left! this was before we knew we were companions. The other is Hna Chaupin and she is now Hna Casimiro`s companion!



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