Baptism week! :)

Hola to my amazing family!!!
Happy Happy birthday Whitney this week!!! One year older and wiser too!! 🙂 I am so glad to hear that you all had a fun week and Baylor`s blessing looks like it went great! He is such a cutie!! thank you for the pictures! 🙂 And thank you for the updates on all of your week! I love hearing how you are all doing!!
Well the highlight of this week was that Hector and Cecilia Leòn were baptized and confirmed!! I have such a deep love for this family that I never knew was possible to have, but I have truly come to love them so much! Leading up to their  baptism we visited them everyday to make sure that they felt good and were excited and ready for their baptism and always tried to share something that we thought would help them. This usually was something about eternal families or the temple or something like that to keep their view beyond their baptism and help them remember why this is such an important step. Two days before their baptism, Hno Hector got a really bad cold and had a fever and wasn`t sleeping and felt really bad. The day before he still wasnt doing great, but he said that nothing was going to stop them from being baptized because they had already made the decision, and no matter what he was going to get baptized the next day. the next day, we went with a member in the branch and he was able to give him a priesthood blessing and it was a really cool experience! (Later that night he said that he was feeling much better, and the next day at church he was almost all the way better!) We went with them to the church later and they changed their clothes and then we showed them the font. they were so excited, and Hno Hector just stood there and looked at it and didn`t want to leave to take pictures or even have the baptism service. We went and took pictures with their family and then he asked `is it time to be baptized now?` 🙂 the service went really well and they had great support from the branch. Their whole little family was able to be there and see it and we are hoping that it will help get their 2 oldest kids excited for baptism as well! The next day, their confirmation went really well and later we went to their house and they bore their testimonies to us about how much their lives have changed and how happy they are and want to keep in this path because they know it is right! It was truly such an amazing experience to be part of!
This week we are also working with a less active lady named Mariana and she is probably 70 years old, but we had an awesome lesson with her about why she should come back to the churchand she was crying and truly felt the spirit and she came to church this week. but earlier in the week we invited her to a FHE in one of the member`s homes and she said she would go as long as we went and picked her up. So as we were walking down her street, she looked up and saw us (because she was waiting outside in a lawn chair) and when she saw us she started kicking her feet and cheering and said `I knew you would come! I knew you wouldnt forget about me!` haha it was so fun and she wanted to sit by us in church! Now we just need to find her lots of friends in church so that she doesn`t come just for us!!
Ok I have tried to think of a few fun things that I could tell you and something that I have truly come to love is contacting! I love walking around in the streets and talking to everyone and anyone!! I also am adjusting to the rice that we eat a mountain of everyday for lunch and I actully really like the rice now!! :O Also, If you have any fun activies taht we can play at FHE i would love ideas! Also, we want to start doing activities in the church so if you ahve fun themes or fun ideas I would also love them!! I would also love fun no bake rescipes or any workout circuts that pinterest has to offer!! 🙂
It truly has been a great week and as a companionship we have tried to focus on having more meaningful prayers, and I know that Heavenly Father hears us and the more we communicate with Him and let him know what we are doing and how we are feeling, He can help us more! I love you all so much and pray for you all sooo much! I pray that you are all safe and happy and always remember how much I love and care about each and every one of you!!! Have an amazing week!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

Baptism of the Leon Family



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