My Dear Family

Hello!!! How are you all doing??? Happy happy birthday to Talia and Jared this week! I hope you all have tons fun, and it sounds like Whit`s party was really fun as well!! Thank you for the fun updates!
This has been a good week here!  We have been teaching the new Easter initiative to as many people as possible and I love the special spirit that it brings when we teach it! It is great to be able to share of the Atonement and Resurreccion right off the bat in all the lessons and we have truly seen miracles. We have been able to find some great people and some families using the initative! Hermana Ramalho usually starts the lessons and does a great job inviting the Spirit and helping the people feel the spirit of the sacrifice that Christ made for us and the miracle that he performed in the Resurection. We just got a new ward mission leader and he will do an amazing job! He has great ideas and wants to do lots of activities to find people and wants a lot of help from the ward missionaries. We are planning on doing a big activity every month, and he also wants to set the goal that each member family is going to find, help baptize and bring to the temple, one family per year! It has brought a new fire to the missionary work here in Daule and I know that it will be an incredible help to us and to the branch! We are excited to push the work forward here!
This week was a little short, but we had some good things happen. Our investigator Felicita accepted a baptism date for the 16 of April. We are excited to work with her and also excited for a little bit of a challenge because she can`t read but we are looking for ways to teach so that she understands well with pictures and so that she will feel like she can prepare even if she can`t read the material herself. We have also been working with a less active Mariana that will be reactivated this next Sunday and she is so sweet! She is always so excited to see us and yesterday when she prayed at the end of the lesson, she blessed us missionaries and started crying and thanked Heavenly Father for sending us because we are more like her family than her family is. We are going to work extra hard to make sure she has lots of friends in church and that she can feel like the people in the ward are part of her family as well.
The Leòn family is also doing so well and the branch has done a great job helping us make sure that they always have friends and someone to answer their questions! Hno Hector received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday! We were going to teach them last night, but when we passed by for them, two of the brothers in the ward were there sharing a message with them. It made me so happy to see that they were already doing their home teaching and helping him because Hno Hector has such a hunger to learn all the things of the gospel, as well as Cecilia. We had a lesson in their home with one of Cecilia`s sister`s and Cecilia said `come here we are going to teach you how to pray.` 🙂 Then we shared the message of the Restoration with her and Hector and Cecilia practically taught the whole lesson because they were so excited to share the message of the gospel! I know that this is a sign of true conversion and they are such a special family and will be such strong members!
I know this is the true gospel and am so grateful to be part of the missionary work of the world! My testimony grows each day of this incredible work and how important it is for each and every member to be a missionary!!!
I hope you all have an awesome week and always remember how much I love you all!!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes


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