Conference Week!

My dearest family,
I hope that you were able to enjoy Conference as much as we did here! It was a great week and an especially great weekend where we were extremely edified by the words of our living prophet and apostles. It was so fun to hear what you all did and especially how great you all explained DYW! I almost felt like I was there…. almost! Great Job Kristie and thank you all so much for the fun pictures!!
We had a great week here and I am truly so grateful to be here in Daule with my great companion Hna Ramalho! We are working hard to find new people and to help those we have now to progress. I have truly come to feel such a strong love for the people here and feel an urgent need to help those that are already members and especially those that we have rescued to stay strong in the gospel. we are working to help them have friends in the church and to truly have a desire to attend, because the longer I am here the more I realize how important the retention is and not just rescuing or baptizing people and then leaving them! We are going to be working with the ward missionaries to help us teach and accomplish this with the members we have.
This has been a great week and started out really well last monday night! We were able to have a great FHE with one of the families that we recently rescued and it was so much fun because we felt like what they needed is to be more united as a family and show more love one for another. So we had a lesson on loving each other and set a goal with them that each day they were going to hug each person in their family and told them that we are going to check up on them this week to see how they did! They also played the game human knot and they were all laughing and playing together and it was truly so much fun to see. After that we also had a lesson with the Leòn family and it was so great because at the end of the lesson the little girl who is 7 kept repeating, `so now in our lives we are going to prepare to go to the temple.` Each lesson that we have with them she always reminds them all that they are going to the temple in a year!

The Leòn family is doing awesome and they are like sponges! They retain all the information so fast and always have so many questions and practically teach us everytime we go to visit them! They attended every session of conference (many of the members didn’t even attend as many as them) and after they were giving us conclusions of all the talks they liked and what they want to impliment into their family. It is so fun to see the great progress, and it is so fun for me where I have gotten to see them progress the whole way, since the day that we first knocked on their door. I know that Heavenly Father has prepared them so much and has blessed me to be able to see their conversion!

I loved the opportunity that we had to watch conference!! What an awesome time we have to gain knowledge to help us in the next 6 months and how inspired each of our apostles and prophet are. I was thrilled to hear that they are going to build a temple in Quito, and honestly after taht I couldn`t hear where any of the other new temples were because everyone was `reverently` talking and almost cheering in the chapel because they were so excited! What a blessing it will be for the people of Ecuador to have another temple. Overall my thoughts of this conference were taht the prophets are done warning us because we know that there will be hard things coming, and that now is the time to unite with our families and make sure that we are strong as families. This includes our families we have now and our ancestors. What great messages we were able to hear about being children of a loving Heavenly Father, the families, temples, and uniting as families! I love my family and am greatful for their firmness in the gospel, and now that I have the opportunity to be here helping other strengthen their families so that they can be together forever! I am so grateful to be here and to be a missionary in this time! I hope you have a great week! I love you all sooooo much!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes


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