Daule says hello

My dearest family,
Happy Happy Birthday to Josh!!!! how old are you again) 25 I think! I hope you have an awesome day!

Wow how are you all doing?? 🙂 I have loved looking at all the fun pictures today of all the fun things you are doing! I take pictures of them with my camera so I can look at them again later when I have more time! It is also so fun to hear that you are in the full swing of spring work and the pictures are gorgeous! I am excited to hear how the new drill works!! Good luck in all your activities this week and Kristie and Garr in track!!  

We had a great week here but short on time to do a lot of missionary work! We went to Guayaquil on Tuesday for the 12 week verification of Hna Ramalho and got great council from President and Sister Dennis! They are so inspired and I love to learn from them. Then that night I got to go on exchanged in Guayaquil with one of the sisters named Hna Chan and we contacted this huge hill and taught some of their recent converts! It was fun to be able to work in their sector and then that night we got to sleep in their house because we had a multi zone conference the next day where President and Sister Dennis and a few of the elders and sisters talked to us. It was incredible and I learned so much about repentance and Sabbath day observance. I think that Sabbath day is something I have truly come to love and see the great importance of here on my mission!!! It was also crazy because I saw one of the sisters that I was in the CCM with us and she is in the Guayaquil North mission!

We have been working with some great people this week! One of the girls we just helped reactivate is so great and has reminded me again why I love to help less active people repent and come back to the gospel. This is the second person that I have truly seen a true change and love for the gospel, and it is incredible to see and be part of when they truly feel the change and want to change their lives. We are trying so hard to keep the people that we have reactivated in the church, because I know that it is pointless to help reactivate them if they are just going to quit coming again. But this girl named Sandy is 26 and has 3 kids that are so cute and her oldest is preparing to be baptized on the 30th of this month. Her son`s name is Limber and he has started reading his Book of Mormon everyday and saying his prayers, and in testimony meeting he got up and bore his testimony about the church and about how excited he is for his baptism! It was really cute and fun to see his excitement!

As always, it is so fun for me to see the Leòn family progress! Their testimonies continue to grow rapidly and they are so great! Their oldest daughter Gishlen is preparing for her baptism this Saturday and is so excited. Her dad is also very excited to be able to baptize her. Hermano Hector has an incredible love and testimony of the gospel. He got up and bore his testimony in sacrament meeting (he as less than 2 months as a member) and it sounded like we were listening to one of the members that has years in the church. He bore a very powerful testimony of the plan that Heavenly Father has for us and how we need to follow this plan exactly. He also blessed the sacrament for the first time and gave the lesson in gospel principles with the help of his wife Cecilia! They are are great couple and truly converted to this gospel! Seeing thier testimony grow makes my testimoy grow as well and I am so blessed for this opportunity that I have had to see them grow and progress in the gospel.

This week I have really focused on deepening my love and knowledge of the scriptures and the docrines that we find in them, and my experience has been incredible! It is like I am learning everything for the first time, and my testimony especially of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the love that they have for each of us has grown so much. I know that we have a very loving and very just father in heaven and that He truly desires our success. I know that this success is only possible through Christ and that one day he will testify to our Father for us according to our works. How great our responsibilities and works are in this short time on earth! I know that they live and want the best for us and we can obtain the blessings that they have for us according to our obedience!
I hope you have a great week! I love you all so much ad hope you all know how much I pray for you all and your safety!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

I made oreo truffles…. with sweet and condensed milk because they dont have creamed cheese but it was still good!!

and one of the cute little girls in our ward. We had an FHE with them!



My companion and I at the conference in Guayaquil

We stayed in the house of the sisters in Guayaquil and the view was Gorgeous!!!!!




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