Aftershock week

Dear Family,
Wow how wonderful it is to hear from you all!! I am glad to hear that you are all safe and doing well as I pray for your safety always!!!
ok, I was thinking that my email last week wasn`t all that spiritual, but I have been thinking a lot this week about the different people I have seen and the influence that the earthquake had on them. I was thinking about how shocking and devastating the earthquake was and how nobody knew that it was going to happen. Nobody could leave their houses, or hurry and run to their bishop to repent of past sins. Nobody knew it was going to happen. I feel like this is why we have been warned over and over to continually repent and keep the commandments, because we never know when something will happen. This also made me think of the way that different people react to situations or signs from our Heavenly Father. I will give a short version of what I have been thinking. 1. are the people that are humbled by the `earthquakes` that hit in our lives and remember how they felt and change and become better. 2. are the people that are humbled for a short time, but after the shock wears off and they are all ok, forget and fade back into their old ways. and 3. are the people that forget right away and attribute the shock to chance and don`t even bother to think about the lessons we should be learning or the blessings that we have received. What kind of people are we? What kind of a person am I and am I learning all I should be from the mini earthquakes that Heavenly Father puts in my life so that when the big ones hit I am ready and repentant? This had been an interesting thing to think on.
I know you don`t have a lot of time but I wanted to thank you for your guidance in the mission. I know that you are guided by the Spirit and I am never worried because I know that you are always in tune with Him and are helping us to keep pushing the work forward, in safe and secure situations. Thank you for your trust in me here in our sector and with Hna Ramalho. I know that I have a lot to improve and can become so much better, and will try each and everyday to make these changes! I hope you have a great week and we are happy to do anything that you ask us to do here!
THis week we had some great things happen. The familia Leon continues to progress and I am so blessed to be here seeing their progress! Hno Hector received the melchezidec priesthood sunday, so after he batized is daughter Gishlen on Friday, he got to confirm her on Sunday. The spirit was so prowerful and he performed them all with power straight from heaven!! I cant wait to see their progress as they continue!
We are also preparing a less active`s son for baptism this week and they are also doing so well and have been awesome to help and see the changes in their lives!
Sorry this is kind of short, but I love you all tons and pray for you always! Please be safe in all you do this week and remember to look for the special blessings that Heavenly Father gives to us each and everyday! I know we see miracles everyday if we will keep our eyes open and our hearts open to the spirit! I love you all!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

Hna Sandy and her kids. Limber is going to get baptized this Saturday!


Gishlen`s Baptism



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