Another great week

Querido Familia,
Hey how are you all doing!! It is truly a joy for me to be able to get on every week and see your happy faces in the pictures and receive the great updates! I always pray for you all and your safety, and each week when I am able to hear that you are all happy and doing well, it is an answer to my prayers!
So we have 2 new sisters with us here in Daule. I am loving have Hna Mendoza and Hna Cox here to help us push the work forward in Daule and hope to see lots of success with the members here as well! I am truly coming to see the importance of asking for references and have a hunger to get references from these faithful members because I know that these are the people that will progress the fastest! We are trying to become very creative with how we ask for references to trick the people into not knowing that that is what we are doing! 🙂 It is definitely a challenge though, but we are going to work hard with them! They are great and really willing to go on visits with us and it helps the investigators so much! It is the neatest thing to be able to see the work push forward through the members!! I challenge you all to pray to know who you can invite to hear the missionary discussions, because even when we think there isn`t anyone, Heavenly Father will put someone in our path if we are truly looking and praying for the experiences!
This week we were able to go to Guayaquil  and hear the pshychology lady teach us techniques to recover from tragic events! I know there are a lot that are suffering from this great event and pray that they are recovering, especially those missionaries that were so greatly affected.  My favorite part, though, was to be able to hear the experiences of all the missionaries that shared their experiences and bore their testimonies! I know there were a lot more that we weren`t able to hear, but I was grateful to hear those that shared. That night when we got back to Daule, we had a small FHE with a family and shared the video that President Nelson shared about when he was in the plane that started to malfunction and how he was calm because he knows that plan that our Heavenly Father has for us and that we are His children. It was a really spiritual lesson as we shared a few of the experiences that we heard that day in the mission conference and we able to bear testimony of our purpose here and that we truly are children of a loving Heavenly Father.

Hna Ramalho is doing really well. She started her week 11 today and I am impressed with the progress that she has made in her teachings. She has a powerful testimony and I love to hear her share it with the people.. She is always open to help and is very teachable which has been really nice! I know I am far from a great trainer and hope and pray that I have been able to teach her good habits that she will able to carry with her through her mission. I think I know a little bit how a mom feels in life, but that is a lot more stressful because they are responsible for the salvation of their children… but it has been great to hear more of Hermana Ramalho`s story and get to know her and how and why she does things the way she does, and she is helping me to grow and progress as a person and as a missionary.

This has been a great week here in Daule. Elder Alvarez and Elder Borg (our zone leaders) have done a good job of tightening up the zone a little which was exactly what we needed. They explained a lot to us what we are going to do better as a zone (complete goals and how to do it using references and effective numbers) and I am excited to see the progress we make with this new change. We as a companionship asked them to put more pressure on us to help us do better and be more successful in our companionship and our goals, and we are already seeing results in less than a week. We were extremely blessed this week as another one of the children in the Leòn family accepted a baptism date! It was so great to see and now we can work with them as a family to go to the temple in a year! I know that the families are the plan of God and that we are with the specific members of our families to help us progress in this life and help us to gain salvation. I love this work and am so humbled and happy to be here in the service of the Lord!

I had one of the best experiences of my whole mission this week!! The leon family has a 14 year old son that has been really skeptical and hasn’t wanted a lot to do with us, but we finally felt like he was ready, and extended a baptism date to him. He told us no and we tried so hard to work through his doubts, but nothing worked and I left their house with a pretty heavy heart because I want so badly for them to be able to be a complete family and to go to the temple in a year. He talked a lot with his parents and went to church on sunday, and when we went to their house later that night, he told that he is ready to be baptized and wants to progress and help his family go to the temple! I dont thing I have ever been so happy!! I know that the families are forever and that is our goal for everything we do! I am so grateful for you all and the awesome family that we have and know that though our faithful obedience to the commandments, we will be able to be together eternally!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

P.S. Talk to you all on Sunday!! I am so excited to talk to you all and can`t wait to hear your fun stories!! I love you all!!


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