Oh what fun…

Dearest family!
Wow, there aren`t words to describe how much fun it is to see you all and be able to talk over skype!! You all looked to happy and so good and it was truly a blessing and joy to see!! Thank you all for the fun stories and updates about what you are all doing! I cannot even believe how grown up everyone looks… 🙂 you all looked great and so happy!!! What a blessing it is to be part of such a special and happy family, and the experiences that we go through truly help us to see these blessings in our lives! I know that we are so blessed to be in the family that we are in and I love you all!!!! 
This was a great week in Daule and my testimony of working through the members and their references grew SO MUCH!  We had an invaciòn last sunday and it was great because the members just went and contacted all of their friends, and then later in the week, we were able to go and meet their friends with them and they became our new investigators! People are so much more willing to go to church and learn when they have friends that they already know in the church. Why am I just remembering this now? But we will definitely be working a lot more through the members to find people who will truly progress in the gospel! It was great because these 2 new investigators that we had attended church and really liked it!
We are excited for this coming week as our recent convert Hno Hector will baptize another of his children. He is going to baptize his 14 year old son, and now all that are of the age of baptism in the family are going to be baptized! They are an amazing family and both Hector and Cecilia received callings this past week! Hector is the 2nd councilor in the Young Mens and Cecilia is over visiting teaching! They were both really excited to receive callings and will be dedicated servant to help push the work forward here in Daule! It as really funny, we had a lesson with them this week and we were trying to get references from them and they were trying to explain to us that everyone they know won`t listen! 🙂 but cecilia said `and what happens to those people that wont even listen to you missionaries?? They won`t even receive a kingdom of glory right??` and she was pretty riled up to think that people shouldn`t receive a kingdome if they aren`t willing to listen to the gospel! It was pretty funny but cool to see the love that she has for the gospel!!
This past week Hna Ramalho was in her week 11 in the 12 weeks which meant that I gave her complete initiative in our sector! It was a little bit of a rough start as she didn`t like that I wasn`t helping to know where to go, and it was also hard to not say a lot and be a follower! But how grateful I am for the experience!!! She did an amazing job and would really stop and listen to the spirit to know what to do and say. We visited people that needed us in that moment and she was able to help us complete our goal of new investigators for the week and commit them to go to church! She has such a strong testimony and really knew how to help the people in their needs. It was great for me to take the back seat, and at first I was kind of bored in the lessons, but I realized that I needed to be listening even harder than if I was the one talking so that I could bear testimony after, and it was kind of a humbling experience for me! I know that one of the thing that the Lord wants me to learn here in the mission is to rely on Him more and to be more humble, and I know that through these experiences that I`m having that He is able to help me to improve in so many ways! I am grateful for Hna Ramalho and the amazing companion that she is! I know that it probably isn`t easy to be my companion as I`m not always the most patient and have many faults, but she is so kind and is helping me to overcome the things that I need to change and improve!
I was trying to think of some fun things that I could tell you about Daule or about what we do so these will be some random fun facts! The first is that with 8 months here in Daule I can literally always run into someone I know in the store or in the street and even though most of the times I only remember their faces, they are always excited to tell us hi and talk for a few minutes! I have mastered getting ready in less than 20 minutes but it probably doesnt help that I use very minimal makeup becaue it usually sweats off. I cant really think of anymore random facts! I love you all and it was so fun to talk to you all! I hope you all have a great week!!! I pray for you all so much!
Love, Hermana Hawkes


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