Another great week!

Dear Family,

Happy Happy birthday to Garrett this week!! Wow bud I can`t believe how grown up you are! I love telling people here that you are  (now going to be 15) and how tall you are! Their mouths always drop open! They thought I was a monster!! 🙂 Oh how I love hearing from you all every Monday and seeing the fun pictures from your week!!! I am so happy to hear about all that you are doing! Also Happy birthday to Lindsey Palmer!

This was an awesome week! We got to go to another Mission conference becasuse Elder Godoy who is in the area presidency came and talked to us. We heard from him and his wife, and President and Sister Dennis. They are all so inspired and talked to us a lot about making good choices in our lives now as missionaries and after! Sister Dennis also talked a lot about helping our ancestors becasuse they are the angels that are able to help us in this life. There was a ton more great things but I am a little short on time… This week we also experienced 2 more kind of big tremors and nothing happend, but it is always a little shocking now and made me a little nervous! We have also contintued to find some great people this week! One of the the investigators we found this week named Katty went to church with us and always calls us her friends! She is 21 and it is actually really cool because we connect really well with her, and her whole family is listening to us now!

This had been a great week! I am so grateful to be here with Hna Ramalho and honestly I learn so much from her! I felt like she is the one that trained me and has helped me so much to improve as a person and as a missionary! I also got to go on exchanges with Hna Chaupin and she is an awesome missionary! She is so loving and listens so well to the people! She loves to be kind to everyone and when I would talk a little bit more directly, she would be sure to end with a lot of love! I promise I wasn`t macheteando the people, but it was fun to see how loving she was to everyone. I learned a lot and it was interesting to see other sectors and the great work that they have been doing.

Well, honestly after all this time being a missionary, I finally feel like I am getting the hang of missionary work! We have started looking and working hard to have new investigators because I honestly know that that is our purpose here… to bring the people to Christ and the first step in doing that is through baptism. I know that helping the other people to endure to the end is also a great priority, but I have seen the great importance of bringing new people to church and to the waters of baptism! There is no greater joy than seeing the people that we are working with progress and seeing their faith in Jesus Christ increase! We are trying so hard to help our investigators progress, and when they don`t, I truly feel sad for them. Today we found out that one of our old investigators who is an older man died after being sick from an accident a few weeks back. The family is all members of the church, and so we went to see them today when we found out. I never knew how hard it would be to experience things like the death of someone we taught, but I truly felt pain for him and for the family. He never got baptized, but he was a good person. I know that Heavenly Father has a very specific and perfect plan for each of us, but what we do here on earth is SO important. There isn`t time to wait to repent. Our time is now. Everyone`s time is now and I am so grateful to be here `declaring repentance` as a servant of the Lord. I know this is such a special calling and I am learning so much from the people I meet and my testimony is strenghtened each and every day! I hope you Have a great week! I love you all so much and pray for you always!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes

2 pictures at the sisters conference we had



Jeremy`s baptism


me with a lady that I absolutely love named Blanca and her 3 boys we baptized


one of the rice fields on the border of our sector






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