Hola from Ecuador!

Dear Family,
Hello from Ecuador! How fun it always is for me to read all of your fun emails!! Thank you for the fun stories and great ideas!!! You are all so much fun and I love getting the updates!! I tried to send pictures, so I hope they all got there! it has been a fun week and I wanted to share those pictures with all of you!!
So this was a really great week!!! We got to spend some time in the office trying to get everything ready for President and Sister Santos to come tomorrow!! It will be bittersweet!

On Wednesday, we had our last big mission conference with President and Sister Dennis and they kept saying `this is our king Benjamin speech so we are going to tell you everything we can in these short hours.` It seriously was so awesome and they shared with us about so many topics: making sure people know they are children of a loving Heavenly Father, having a good projection here on the mission and after, and it as so fun because when they were closing they opened it up for questions and we asked about their plans, about their lives before their missions and really got to know them better and it was a lot of fun! They are so awesome and I am so grateful for the time that I have had here to get to know them, but mostly to learn so much from them!!!

We didn`t have hardly any time in our sector this week was was really sad, but when we were there I really felt a spirit of urgency to find, help and teach people. One day, Hna Lowe and I were on exchanges together, and we were working in her sector, but we had the most incredible day!! First, we were contacting this house, and this random guy with a `canal uno` logo came up with a microphone and camera and started asking us all of these questions about who we are and what we do here and we were honestly kind of weirded out… but it turns out that he is a famous news guy here and just decided to interview us, so hopefully we left a good impression for those that saw it even though we probably looked like 2 crazy gringas! 🙂 But after that, we went looking for a referral that they had and we didnt find the girl, but we found her mom. So we sat down and started talking to them and within like 3 minutes the lady started crying and told us that her husband just left for Chile to look for work and that she was soo sad, and honestly the spirit was so strong! We told her that it wasn`t coincidence that we found her that day and shared with her some of the plan of salvation and eternal families and by the end she told us that she felt a lot more peace!! She didn`t end up going to church, but her 6 kids went without her so we will work with her!! I with I had more time to share because I am meeting incredible people here!!

I am so grateful for this time to be serving! I know I am where the Lord wants me and I hope and pray taht I can be an intrument in His hands! Missionary work is incredible and so satisfying! It is definitely not easy, but it`s so worth it!! I love being here and the awesome expereicnes that I am having”!” I love you all so much and pray for you and your safety everyday!!!ª Have a great week!!!

Love, HErmana Hawkes

P.S. President and Sister Dennis sent us all the infor for their homecoming reports! Dad and Jared can translate for you all!! 🙂 Algunos de ustedes querían saber la fecha cuando vamos a discursar en nuestro barrio para decir a sus familias. Vamos a discursar el 31 de julio a las 11 am en el Bountiful Orchard 7th Ward; 3599 S. Orchard Dr., Bountiful, UT.  Será un placer para nosotros conocer a algunas de sus familias y también ver de nuevo algunos de nuestros misioneros retornados.






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