Hola from Ecuador! 

Dear Family, 
Wow thank you all so much for the fun emails, videos, and pictures!!! I truly find so much joy each week in hearing what you are all doing and all the fun thing that have happened. I also hope you all know that I love you all and pray for you so much!!! We truly have been so blessed to be in the family that we are in and I thank Heavenly Father each day for such a huge blessing!!! 
Well, this week was such a great week! We have been able to work with some awesome people!! The first are Cristian and Charley that have the family that has come so far! They are so awesome and understood soo well when we taught them about the plan of salvation! It is awesome to see the light of the gospel turn on in someone`s eyes and life and the happiness and understanding that it brings. They still havent been able to attend chruch, but we are getting there!! 
We also got to work with a really cool couple named Cristian and Tania and they went to church with us on sunday!!! They are so awesome and we just need to help them get married, but they have great desires and I know we can help them!! 
Sorry this is short, but I love you all so much and can`t wait to hear from you next week!!! I love you!
Love, Hermana Hawkes 


Family reunion!

Dear Family, 

Oh what a fun family we have!! It was so much fun to read about and get to see all the fun pictures off the reunion!! and can I just say that all the little kids are HUGE!!!!!! Oh and Garrett too! 😉 But it is seriously crazy to me to see how much everyone has changed, but makes me soo incredibly happy to see how happy you all are!! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you and pray for your happiness and well being each and everyday!!! Please keep updating me on everything!!! 

Well, it was a great week here in Ecuador!! We have had some awesome experiences!! First, as a mission, we are really focusing on the Book of Mormon! It is such an incredible tool and honestly the keystone to our religion! We have been doing something really fun and that is that we go contacting with ´questions of the soul´ on these little cards and we ask the people if they have ever had one of the questions and then we go help them see the answer in the Book of Mormon! It has kept me on my toes with knowing where scriptures are, something that I am really working on improving, but it is awesome to see that the Book of MOrmon can answer any question that we have!! We have also been challenging the members to start giving away a Book of Mormon to someone they know that needs the gospel, and there is ALWAYS someone that needs the book of MOrmon!! My challenge for you all this week is to remember your testimony of the Book of Mormon, pray to know who needs it, and then actually go and give it to the person and bare your testimony of it! I know that EACH one of you will have such an incredible experience and that it will increase your own love for the Book of Mormon and the gospel!! 

Also something fun this week was that for nursing, I got to help give a training to new misisonaries that came to the mission about earthquake awarness, being ready, and all the health rules and regulations! It was a little bit scary at first, but I loved doing it and presenting what we had been working hard to put together!! 

We have also been working with some great members!! Our Investigators from last week, Maria and Suley weren´t able to come to church this week and it was soo sad!! It is honestly just sad to see when people can´t see the blessings that the gospel brings to their lives, and especially how extremely important it is to keep the sabbath day holy!! But I know that they need some more help and that we can help them overcome the challenges they are having through the love of Jesus Christ! I know that this gospel is true and truly does bless families. It is the only way to find true happiness in our lives!! We can have every worldy thing, but still not be happy. I have seen so many people here that live in very humble conditions, but have the gospel, and they are truly happy! I know that Heavenly Father´s plan is perfect and that his love for each of us is infinite! If any of you are ever down or having a hard week just think, ´Heavenly Father loves me and I can do anything with His help!´ I love you all and hope you have a great and safe week!! 

All my love, Hermana Hawkes 

A week of tender mercies

Dear family,

Oh how I love you all!! I am so glad to hear that you are all doing well and are healthy, happy and safe!! I hope that you are all having such a fun summer and getting all the fun activities in that you possibly can!!! 
Things here are going soo well! We truly have been blessed with so many miracles in finding this week and it has been so humbling and helped my faith to grow so much in seeing how the Lord truly blesses us in everything!! I don`t have a ton of time, but wanted to share some great experiences with families that we have found and been working with.
The first family is truly a miracle!! The missionaries found the son I think last year and he got baptized, and left on a mission as the only member in his family!! A few months after he left, his parents got married, his mom and 2 little brothers got baptized, and his brother that had an extreme drug problem was able to recover in a rehab and is now listening to us with his cousin!! It has been an eye opener to me that one person truly can make a difference and if we continue to endure and tolerate the hard time, Heavenly Father will truly bless us for this and who knows how many precious souls we could actually be saving!! 
The other family that we have been worki ng with is a mother that is a less active and her daughter that we have been teaching named Maria Fernanada!! She has a baby that is 2 months old and is separated from her husband! They finally came to church yesterday and felt the spirit sooo strong, and later last night we went to visit them! We taught about baptism and it was soo cool because everything that we taugh, Maria would look to me like she was wanted me to confirm what we were saying and I would smile and nod and then she had a face like she accepted it. It really was a special time and I really felt like I connected with her. We extended a baptim date for her for the 30th of July and she accepted! I know that Heavenly Father blessed us to find her and help her and know that she will need lots of help and encouragement but that He will bless her! I love being here seeing these miracles and love being a missionary! Sorry this is short but I love you all and pray that you have a fantastic week!! all my love, 
Hermana Hawkes

Happy 4th of July!

​Drear Family, 

Wow, what a fun day and fun time of the year! it is truly amazing how much I love our country and how blessed we are to live where we do!! I love Ecuador, but I honestly am so grateful for the beautiful country that we live in and the freedoms that we enjoy!! I hope that you have all had a fun week and are especially all enjoying being together!!!

This has been a really great week!! Starting on Tuesday- all of us in our house (4 nurses) went to the office to welcome President and Sister Santos. They came pretty late and we were all waiting, but their plane got in at 1 in the moring and so they came late, but they are so awesome!! They are so nice and bore their testimonies to us that day about how grateful they are for President and Sister Dennis and all that they have done for our mission and how excited they are to continue the work here! 

Then on Wedneday, President Santos invited us back to the office for an orientation of everyone in the office and what we do. We were able to explain that as nurses we make informes (I forgot that word in english) and  that we get to call the missionaries that are sick at nights and check up on them and tell them what more they should do. I was teasing my companion because it can be kind of funny at times- for example when the assistants used to call us to tell us what to do, and then when they get sick an we call them and tell them what to do! 🙂 but I really do enjoy it and love getting to help them! Then President Santos talked to us about his concern and love for each missionary on the mission and really wants to focus on each one feeling great about their missions and like they have had success! I really like it because he isn`t changing a lot that we were doing before, but just building off of it and it has really brought a special spirit! This week we have a mission conference with them, so we will get to know them a little bit more! 

On thursday I was on exchanges all day with Hna Roylance from Utah and that was so fun! We got to go to their investigaror`s wedding that has been waiting years to get married, and then the next day they got baptized!! The husband was so happy he was literally smiling ear to ear!! The gospel truly brings so much happiness!!! 

We were also able to find and teach a family of 4 this week and wow… I will keep you updated on them because they truly feel the spirit and are going to be able to see great results in their lives for living the gospel!

I love this gospel and love being here serving! I am so grateful for all of you and hope ad pray that you are all doing great!! I love you all so much!!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes 

P.S We all ate huge hamburgers to be super american!!!