A week of tender mercies

Dear family,

Oh how I love you all!! I am so glad to hear that you are all doing well and are healthy, happy and safe!! I hope that you are all having such a fun summer and getting all the fun activities in that you possibly can!!! 
Things here are going soo well! We truly have been blessed with so many miracles in finding this week and it has been so humbling and helped my faith to grow so much in seeing how the Lord truly blesses us in everything!! I don`t have a ton of time, but wanted to share some great experiences with families that we have found and been working with.
The first family is truly a miracle!! The missionaries found the son I think last year and he got baptized, and left on a mission as the only member in his family!! A few months after he left, his parents got married, his mom and 2 little brothers got baptized, and his brother that had an extreme drug problem was able to recover in a rehab and is now listening to us with his cousin!! It has been an eye opener to me that one person truly can make a difference and if we continue to endure and tolerate the hard time, Heavenly Father will truly bless us for this and who knows how many precious souls we could actually be saving!! 
The other family that we have been worki ng with is a mother that is a less active and her daughter that we have been teaching named Maria Fernanada!! She has a baby that is 2 months old and is separated from her husband! They finally came to church yesterday and felt the spirit sooo strong, and later last night we went to visit them! We taught about baptism and it was soo cool because everything that we taugh, Maria would look to me like she was wanted me to confirm what we were saying and I would smile and nod and then she had a face like she accepted it. It really was a special time and I really felt like I connected with her. We extended a baptim date for her for the 30th of July and she accepted! I know that Heavenly Father blessed us to find her and help her and know that she will need lots of help and encouragement but that He will bless her! I love being here seeing these miracles and love being a missionary! Sorry this is short but I love you all and pray that you have a fantastic week!! all my love, 
Hermana Hawkes


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