Miracles Exist!

Dear family,

Ok first, please forgive my fogetfulness last week…
Happy happy birthday to London, Kelsie and Carter!!!!! And Happy anniversary to Josh and Kelsey!! 🙂 What a fun week and I had fun little reminders on my calendar that made me think of each of you on these special days! I hope you were all able to do lots of fun things!!! I love you all!!
How fun to see about the first day of school and how harvest is going! I found a cute picture in an Ensign that has a picture of a girl standing in a wheat field that says `The ultimate reward of righteousness is `peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.“ It has helped me stay in the fun harvest spirit with all of you, as well as my fervent prayers for all of your safety and happiness!!
This has been a great week here!! We have truly seen blessings this week and I am so grateful to be here in the front row of so many miracles and blessings!! This week we were able to find a guy that is 22 years old who is so prepared to hear the gospel! He was a referral from his cousin, and she went with us to teach him. We taught him during the week and on Saturday night he was able to go to a baptism that they had in another ward. Then after, we were able to teach him about the Restoration and the lesson went so great! At the end he was sharing his testimony with us about how he knows that he needs to pray and that he knows that Heavenly Father will answer his prayers. Then on Sunday, his cousin was late so he came to church alone and really felt the spirit so strongly!!
We had also been working with a less active family but found out that the husband was never confirmed. They have been coming to church and we were able to finish all of the lessons with them and rescue the wife, but we still weren`t sure if he was going to be able to be baptized. Yesterday morning they told us that he can, and that he can be baptized this Saturday!! We extended the date to him right after church and asked how he would feel about being baptized again so that he could also be confirmed, and he was so happy. He said that he would be so happy to be clean again and wants to live a different life!! It really ha been a miracle to see how the gospel has changed and influenced their lives!!
I hope you all ahve a great week and look for the small miracles in your lives everyday!! I pray for you always and love you all so much!!
Love, Hermana Hawkes

Miracles really do exist

​Dear Family, Wow thank you all so much for the fun emails and updates!! It is so good to hear from all of you and the fun things you are doing and it sounds like you are in the full swing of harvest! I pray for all of your safety in this busy but fun time!! 

Things here have been going great!! We just had transfers today and my companion leaves tomorrow morning at 2am for Bolivia! She was the main nurse in the mission which puts a little bit more stress on all of us that are staying, but I know that with lots of inspiration and heavenly help that we will all be able to handle it. So a little about nursing. Mostly what I do is recieve calls from missionaries that have any kind of illness and then have to try to figure out what medicines will help them or if they need to go to the doctor. If they need an appointent then we have to call and schedule it, and then call an insurance company in the US and ask them for warranty payments. Then we have send medicine perscriptions to an area doctor in Peru and then follow up on how the missionaries are doing or see if they need other kinds of test taken. Also in the office, we are in charge of verifying emergency backpacks, making the slides for presentations and the kits for when new missionaries come, and whatever else comes up that day that they need us to do. Today I went to an appointment with an Hermana and then we had to get some other tests figured out! There is alwasy lots to do and lot of phone calls, but I love being a mission nurse and know that it is always so inspired and the spirit is required in every situation!! 
OK so we had the coolest experience this week. We went on an invasion, where our whole zone went contacting in the same area. We found a couple of people that were interested, and then went back to meet up with everyone else. Our zone leaders came back out of breath and with huge smiles on their faces. They told us that they knocked on a door and found a man that was about to commit suicide and that they talked him out of it and were able to share the message of the restoration with him and help him to realize how important his life is and how special he is, especial to our Heavenly Father. Wow, it really opened my eyes to how perfect Heavenly Father`s timing is, because we were supposed to have the invasion a different day, but it all worked out in His timing. Later that night we had a training for some of the members in the ward and were teaching them to go be missionaries and find these people that need help. We were talking and I had the impression to share the story of the man from that morning, so I told the story and by the end, everyone was pretty emotional, including me. It made it such a powerful and special moment to testify to those members that they can be the saving angels in the lives of their families and friends and I know that it is true with each and every one of us. We never know who needs our help, but Heavenly Father does and will lead us to these people if we will be attentive to the spirit. I know that the spirit leads and guides us and my challenge to each of you this week is to listen to the spirit so that you can be the saving angels in someone`s life!! Heavenly Father will guide each of you!! 
I love you all and hope you have a great week!! 
Love, Hermana Hawkes 

Where does the time go?

Hello my wonderful family!!

I`m sorry for my short letter last week!! The hour slipped away way too fast, but I hope that dad and jared (or google translate too) 🙂 could help you all out with my letter!! It has truly been a great week and I always love to hear that you are all doing great and involved in lots of fun activities!! 

Ok so some fun things that happened this week. Last monday we got to go to this really pretty tour site by a river and took some fun pictures and I bought a hammock to bring home. Anyway, we took the president`s daughter with us (she`s 21) and then on the way back we got to go into President`s house to drop her off and they just happen to have a piano, so I sat down and played a little bit and then naturally played what I remembered of Pirates of the Carribbean. We had a multi zone conference on Wednesday and as President started his talk he said `could the Sister that was playing the piano in my house this week please stand up?? Her name starts with H.` and then looked right at me! 🙂 I didnt even know that he was in his house when I played because his daughter said he wasn`t home so I was shocked. For a minute I thougth I was in big trouble for not playing only church songs, and then he asked me to go to the piano in the church and play the song that I had been playing. Haha so i sat down and nervously played the first little bit until I forgot. Then he asked me to play another song that I remembered which at that moment was the EFY Medly of As sisters in zion. (my hands were shaking so bad) But then he asked me (in front of everyone) how long I had taken lessons, if I had to practice a lot… and then he related that to the gospel. We have to study and practice the things that we are learning everyday and make them into talents in our own ways because Heavenly Father has given each of us these special talents for a reason! I challenge all of you to look for these specail talents this week, whatever they may be- talking to people, being patient, laughing a lot…etc, and find a way to bless others` lives with these talents, and the big challenge: find someone that isn`t a memeber using these talents to help them find the gospel!! (Also, again, thank you mom and dad for all the years of piano lessons) 🙂

This week we were truly able to see miracles! Maria Fernanda had her baptism planned for Saturday, the 13th and when we talked to her on Monday and Tuesday she just kept telling us that she wasn’t ready and wanted more time. Our district leader went with us to a lesson and we had prepared a lesson that morning to really help build her faith and get her excited for her baptism THIS week!! We read with her in D&C 31:1-3 and told her that her mission in this time of her life is to follow Christ and be baptized, and that it would take a lot of faith on her part, but that it was something that she could do and needed too help her family. Our leaders helped so much and just took over and my testimony of priesthood power was strengthened so much, but mainly, I was so grateful for the Spirit because I know that without the Spirit she wouldnt have accepted, but she did! She accepted and was baptized on Saturday and her mind was firm in her decision!! The great part was that her sister in law Tanya was there at the baptism and told us that she was almost crying to see Maria Fernanda be baptized and it made her even more excited for her own baptism! The promise to Maria Fernanda that `she would be a light to her family` was already started to be fulfilled, and I know that Heavenly Father works in wonderful ways!! I know that He alwasys comes through on His part if we are worthy and obedient! It is such a pleasure and blessing to be here learning from these people and seeing the gospel bless their lives!! 

I love you all so much and pray that you all have a great and safe week!! I love you all so much!!! 
Love, Hermana Hawkes 
This was our day on the Malecon!
Maria Fernanda`s baptism
All of the Loaiza Family! 🙂

Una Semana Fantástica

Dear family,

Wow another week has come and gone!! I am so happy to hear how you are all doing and to see the fun things that are going on. I can`t belive that summer is almost over! It seems to me like it just started, but I hope you are all enjoying every minute of everthing you are doing!! I love you all soo much and am always so happy to hear that you are doing well!! I am so sorry, I kind of ran out of time today, but I am sending part of the letter that I sent to President Santos of how my week went! and it is in spanish… so haha maybe dad and jared can help me out with that!! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week and always remember how much I love you all!!! 

Esta semana fue muy bueno y yo aprendí mucho! Primero, muchas gracias por los discursos sobre el Libro de Mormón! Me encanta que estamos inundando el mundo con el Libro de Mormón y yo se que es la clave de nuestro religión! Hemos tenido experiencias muy buenas usando las tarjetas de preguntas de alma. Un día estábamos subiendo una loma, y un niño estaba cargando 2 mochilas. Le ofrecemos nuestra ayuda a cargarlas y el acepto! Fuimos a la casa de el y conocimos a su mama! Entramos y un poco tiempo después de conocerles, sacamos las tarjetas de las preguntas, y les dimos a cada uno una tarjeta y ellos escogieron cual pregunta quieran saber. Hablamos de nuestra vida después de esta vida y estaban muy animados, especialmente los dos hijos. Ellos tienen 8 y 10 años pero es increíble ver sus ánimos por el evangelio!! Yo se que el Libro de Mormón ayuda todas las personas encontrar su propósito en la vida! 

Esta semana tambien fue muy buena en cuento de nuestros investigadores. Rescatamos a una madre y su hija Zuley fue bautizada el sábado. Ella estaba tan feliz y compartió su testimonio despues de su confirmaciòn y la luz de Cristo realmente brilla en los niños!! Tambien una de las investigadoras que tenemos se llama Maria Fernanda. Ella va a ser bautizado este sábado que viene y estamos muy felices por ella y los cambios que esta haciendo en su vida! Su hermano y la pareja de el tambien han estado asistiendo a la iglesia, y ayer despues de la iglesia, la esposa Tanya estaba contandome un sueño que ella tuvo. Ella dijo que hace años ella oró pidiendo un sueño para ayudarle saber cual iglesia debe ir. En este tiempo, nunca recibiò una respuesta. Hace casi una semana, ella tuvo un sueño que alguien vino a su puerta y dijo que no debe ir a la iglesia Mormona y que debe cambiar. En su sueño, ella pudo sentir que este no estaba bien, y que la iglesia de Jesucristo es la iglesia que debe ir. Ella dijo que quiere casarse con su esposo porque ella SABE que tiene que bautizarse. Ella dijo que tuvo una impresion que ella va a poder salvarse, salvar sus hijos, y algo que no pudo expresar es que ella sentió que ella quede ayudar salvar su padre que falleció. Presidente, nunca ha tenido alguien decirme algo así y yo le dijo a ella que si se puede salvar a su padre. Fue increible y vamos a hablarle de templos y historia familiar hoy!

Yo se que la iglesia es verdadera y estoy muy feliz estar aqui en la primera fila a ver las bendiciones que nuestro Padre Celestial da a las personas. Sè que no soy yo quien esta haciendo esta obra, pero el espiritu santo por medio de nosotros-los instrumentos de Dios en este tiempo! Amo ser misionera! Amo estar aquí en la obra del Señor!! 

Que tenga una semana muy buena y muy feliz!!! 

I love you all tons!!!!! Love,  Hermana Hawkes 

ok here is one of me giving a presentation to new missionaries

one with a cute little girl from out ward when we went to the temple with recent converts
one working in th office with Hna Gonzales! 

New month, New house….where does time go?

​Dearest family, 

Wow, it is honestly hard for me to believe that another month has already come and gone!! IT`S AUGUST!!! and I have already been gone for over a year now. I can honestly say that this year has changed my life forever and begun to shape me into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to become and has also allowed me to be an instruement in His hands in ways I never even knew were possible. I still have a lot of work to do and I am excited and up for the challenge. I thank Him everyday for all of your safety and happiness, because that allows me to give all my heart, might, mind and strength to the people here in Ecuador and to the Lord. I am always so happy to read and see how you are all doing, and hope you all know how much I love you all and love being part of our family!!! What a blessing it would be to be together for the eternities!!! 🙂 

Well, this was another crazy busy, and incredible week!! We have started working so hard with some amazing families and I truly love them!! We working with a family that the mom is a less active, her daughter is 19 and has a baby, and her other son and his wife have 2 kids. The mom now has a date to be rescued and the 19 year old daughter has a baptism date for the 13th of August!! We have recently started working with the other son and his wife! They aren`t married, but went to chruch last week and really enjoyed it! This week we went and taught them about the law of chastity, but it was such an awesome lesson because we focused on eternal families and how happy they could be when they are married and have that solid foundation for their 2 little boys!! And then we extended a date for them to get married for the 19th of August… and they accepted!!! It will be a lot of work to help them raise the money, but we are excited to help them get spiritually ready for marriage and then baptism and then have their goals set on the temple!! They all walked to church (a good 20 minute walk) this past week and it was truly such a joy to see them there!!! 

We were also able to visit Cristian this past week. He is the one that recovered from drugs, and he was having a really hard time because one of his friends that recovered with him, just fell back in to doing drugs again. He was super sad and his parents were really worried about him, but we had the coolest lesson on repentance and obedience as we read with him in 1 Nephi 16 and really talked to him about how important his decisions are. As he was reading in my Book of Mormon, he flipped to the back where I keep our family picture. He looked at it for a long time, and I had the strongest impression to talk to him about families. So then I got to bear testimony of how I know that we were put on earth in our specific families, with the weaknesses the we all individually have, because without the specific people in our families, we wouldn`t be able to overcome these challenges, and we wouldn`t be able to help them over come their challenges. It was such a cool moment as I got to bear testimony of the family and how I know that we couldn’t make it through this life without them! I know that this is true in all families, and I know that is is especially true in our family! We can make it through any challenge with each other, and the spirit will help us to know what things to say and do and when to say them. 

Also something fun, We got to move houses this week! We used to live in `the yellow cave` because our house was all painted yellow and had no windows! but we moved into the prettiest house!! 🙂 I tried sending pictures but it didnt work, so I will try again next week!! 

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week! I love you all and pray for you always!! I`m sorry I ran out of time to respond to you all, but I will try to get off quick emails next week! I love you all!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes

P.S. a scriptue that I love and found again this week is in Helaman 3:35! If you ever need a spiritual boost, there is your answer!! 🙂