New month, New house….where does time go?

​Dearest family, 

Wow, it is honestly hard for me to believe that another month has already come and gone!! IT`S AUGUST!!! and I have already been gone for over a year now. I can honestly say that this year has changed my life forever and begun to shape me into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to become and has also allowed me to be an instruement in His hands in ways I never even knew were possible. I still have a lot of work to do and I am excited and up for the challenge. I thank Him everyday for all of your safety and happiness, because that allows me to give all my heart, might, mind and strength to the people here in Ecuador and to the Lord. I am always so happy to read and see how you are all doing, and hope you all know how much I love you all and love being part of our family!!! What a blessing it would be to be together for the eternities!!! 🙂 

Well, this was another crazy busy, and incredible week!! We have started working so hard with some amazing families and I truly love them!! We working with a family that the mom is a less active, her daughter is 19 and has a baby, and her other son and his wife have 2 kids. The mom now has a date to be rescued and the 19 year old daughter has a baptism date for the 13th of August!! We have recently started working with the other son and his wife! They aren`t married, but went to chruch last week and really enjoyed it! This week we went and taught them about the law of chastity, but it was such an awesome lesson because we focused on eternal families and how happy they could be when they are married and have that solid foundation for their 2 little boys!! And then we extended a date for them to get married for the 19th of August… and they accepted!!! It will be a lot of work to help them raise the money, but we are excited to help them get spiritually ready for marriage and then baptism and then have their goals set on the temple!! They all walked to church (a good 20 minute walk) this past week and it was truly such a joy to see them there!!! 

We were also able to visit Cristian this past week. He is the one that recovered from drugs, and he was having a really hard time because one of his friends that recovered with him, just fell back in to doing drugs again. He was super sad and his parents were really worried about him, but we had the coolest lesson on repentance and obedience as we read with him in 1 Nephi 16 and really talked to him about how important his decisions are. As he was reading in my Book of Mormon, he flipped to the back where I keep our family picture. He looked at it for a long time, and I had the strongest impression to talk to him about families. So then I got to bear testimony of how I know that we were put on earth in our specific families, with the weaknesses the we all individually have, because without the specific people in our families, we wouldn`t be able to overcome these challenges, and we wouldn`t be able to help them over come their challenges. It was such a cool moment as I got to bear testimony of the family and how I know that we couldn’t make it through this life without them! I know that this is true in all families, and I know that is is especially true in our family! We can make it through any challenge with each other, and the spirit will help us to know what things to say and do and when to say them. 

Also something fun, We got to move houses this week! We used to live in `the yellow cave` because our house was all painted yellow and had no windows! but we moved into the prettiest house!! 🙂 I tried sending pictures but it didnt work, so I will try again next week!! 

I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing week! I love you all and pray for you always!! I`m sorry I ran out of time to respond to you all, but I will try to get off quick emails next week! I love you all!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes

P.S. a scriptue that I love and found again this week is in Helaman 3:35! If you ever need a spiritual boost, there is your answer!! 🙂 


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