Where does the time go?

Hello my wonderful family!!

I`m sorry for my short letter last week!! The hour slipped away way too fast, but I hope that dad and jared (or google translate too) 🙂 could help you all out with my letter!! It has truly been a great week and I always love to hear that you are all doing great and involved in lots of fun activities!! 

Ok so some fun things that happened this week. Last monday we got to go to this really pretty tour site by a river and took some fun pictures and I bought a hammock to bring home. Anyway, we took the president`s daughter with us (she`s 21) and then on the way back we got to go into President`s house to drop her off and they just happen to have a piano, so I sat down and played a little bit and then naturally played what I remembered of Pirates of the Carribbean. We had a multi zone conference on Wednesday and as President started his talk he said `could the Sister that was playing the piano in my house this week please stand up?? Her name starts with H.` and then looked right at me! 🙂 I didnt even know that he was in his house when I played because his daughter said he wasn`t home so I was shocked. For a minute I thougth I was in big trouble for not playing only church songs, and then he asked me to go to the piano in the church and play the song that I had been playing. Haha so i sat down and nervously played the first little bit until I forgot. Then he asked me to play another song that I remembered which at that moment was the EFY Medly of As sisters in zion. (my hands were shaking so bad) But then he asked me (in front of everyone) how long I had taken lessons, if I had to practice a lot… and then he related that to the gospel. We have to study and practice the things that we are learning everyday and make them into talents in our own ways because Heavenly Father has given each of us these special talents for a reason! I challenge all of you to look for these specail talents this week, whatever they may be- talking to people, being patient, laughing a lot…etc, and find a way to bless others` lives with these talents, and the big challenge: find someone that isn`t a memeber using these talents to help them find the gospel!! (Also, again, thank you mom and dad for all the years of piano lessons) 🙂

This week we were truly able to see miracles! Maria Fernanda had her baptism planned for Saturday, the 13th and when we talked to her on Monday and Tuesday she just kept telling us that she wasn’t ready and wanted more time. Our district leader went with us to a lesson and we had prepared a lesson that morning to really help build her faith and get her excited for her baptism THIS week!! We read with her in D&C 31:1-3 and told her that her mission in this time of her life is to follow Christ and be baptized, and that it would take a lot of faith on her part, but that it was something that she could do and needed too help her family. Our leaders helped so much and just took over and my testimony of priesthood power was strengthened so much, but mainly, I was so grateful for the Spirit because I know that without the Spirit she wouldnt have accepted, but she did! She accepted and was baptized on Saturday and her mind was firm in her decision!! The great part was that her sister in law Tanya was there at the baptism and told us that she was almost crying to see Maria Fernanda be baptized and it made her even more excited for her own baptism! The promise to Maria Fernanda that `she would be a light to her family` was already started to be fulfilled, and I know that Heavenly Father works in wonderful ways!! I know that He alwasys comes through on His part if we are worthy and obedient! It is such a pleasure and blessing to be here learning from these people and seeing the gospel bless their lives!! 

I love you all so much and pray that you all have a great and safe week!! I love you all so much!!! 
Love, Hermana Hawkes 
This was our day on the Malecon!
Maria Fernanda`s baptism
All of the Loaiza Family! 🙂


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