Miracles really do exist

Dear Family, Wow thank you all so much for the fun emails and updates!! It is so good to hear from all of you and the fun things you are doing and it sounds like you are in the full swing of harvest! I pray for all of your safety in this busy but fun time!! 

Things here have been going great!! We just had transfers today and my companion leaves tomorrow morning at 2am for Bolivia! She was the main nurse in the mission which puts a little bit more stress on all of us that are staying, but I know that with lots of inspiration and heavenly help that we will all be able to handle it. So a little about nursing. Mostly what I do is recieve calls from missionaries that have any kind of illness and then have to try to figure out what medicines will help them or if they need to go to the doctor. If they need an appointent then we have to call and schedule it, and then call an insurance company in the US and ask them for warranty payments. Then we have send medicine perscriptions to an area doctor in Peru and then follow up on how the missionaries are doing or see if they need other kinds of test taken. Also in the office, we are in charge of verifying emergency backpacks, making the slides for presentations and the kits for when new missionaries come, and whatever else comes up that day that they need us to do. Today I went to an appointment with an Hermana and then we had to get some other tests figured out! There is alwasy lots to do and lot of phone calls, but I love being a mission nurse and know that it is always so inspired and the spirit is required in every situation!! 
OK so we had the coolest experience this week. We went on an invasion, where our whole zone went contacting in the same area. We found a couple of people that were interested, and then went back to meet up with everyone else. Our zone leaders came back out of breath and with huge smiles on their faces. They told us that they knocked on a door and found a man that was about to commit suicide and that they talked him out of it and were able to share the message of the restoration with him and help him to realize how important his life is and how special he is, especial to our Heavenly Father. Wow, it really opened my eyes to how perfect Heavenly Father`s timing is, because we were supposed to have the invasion a different day, but it all worked out in His timing. Later that night we had a training for some of the members in the ward and were teaching them to go be missionaries and find these people that need help. We were talking and I had the impression to share the story of the man from that morning, so I told the story and by the end, everyone was pretty emotional, including me. It made it such a powerful and special moment to testify to those members that they can be the saving angels in the lives of their families and friends and I know that it is true with each and every one of us. We never know who needs our help, but Heavenly Father does and will lead us to these people if we will be attentive to the spirit. I know that the spirit leads and guides us and my challenge to each of you this week is to listen to the spirit so that you can be the saving angels in someone`s life!! Heavenly Father will guide each of you!! 
I love you all and hope you have a great week!! 
Love, Hermana Hawkes 


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