Another great week in Ecuador! 

​Hello my awesome family!!! 

What a fun week! It was so much fun to open my email to the fun new picrures of Raelynn!! I truly love being an aunt and it is so fun to see our family grow! Everyone is growing up so fast I can hardly belive it, but I want you all to know how grateful I am for each and every one of you and the huge blessings you are all in my life!! Thank you all for the support and love! I can feel your prayers!

It was  a great week here in Ecuador! We had Veronica, Sulemy, and Diego`s baptism and it was so special! We had a lot of members come and right before they were baptized, the primary kids sang `I like to look for rainbows` and it was so sweet. I love the sweet spirit that little kids bring and it is no wonder that Christ always wanted the little children near him. They have such a sweet and special spirit!! One of the 18 year olds in our ward was able to baptize Diego and it was so cute because he just took him by the shoulders and let him to the font, and then helped him after! I am also so grateful for the strong youth we have today and know that they truly do make a great difference in the church!! 

Right after the baptism, we went with a bunch of the ladies in the ward (and Veronica too) to the stake center to watch the General Women`t broadcast! It was so inspired and I am so grateful for living prophets and leaders to lead and guide us today! I loved that a few of them talked about how we have to have the doctrine of the gospel in our hearts and that now is our time to be strong and help others know these great doctrines that we have! It is such a blessing to have the gospel and these truths to lead our lives! I love this gospel and am so grateful for the time that I have to be here sharing it with the people here in Ecuador!! I am so greatful for conference this weekend and look forward to the councils they will give us!! I challenge you all to find someone to invite to listen to conference so that they can also receive guidance in their lives!!

I love you all and hope you have a great and safe week!!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes


When we think we’ve gone as far as we can… and the Lord knows better.

​Dear Family, 

Wow how fun it is to be able to hear how you are all doing and to write you again this week!!! I hope you all got the fun announcement, and it was so fun to be able to announce the baby!!! Josh and Kelsey Congrats!!! Your sweet boys will be such great big brothers and you are such great parents!!! I am so grateful for each of my parents and siblings, and in-laws and know that we have been so extremely blessed to be in the family that we are in! Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement!! I know that through our obedience to the gospel, we have the wonderful opportunity to feel eternal joy altogether!!! Also, congrats Whit and Shane! I am praying for you and am excited to see your sweet baby next week! 

Well this week went soooo fast! We had such a crazy busy week! We got to go to the temple on Tuesday, and I love the peace and revelation that going to the temple brings! It is such a blessing to be able to go there, and such a blessing that we all live close enough to be able to go to the temple! We truly couldn´t progress without our ancestors, because our goal in the gospel is to always be temple worthy, but without our ancestors to go do their work in the temple, we wouldnt ever be able to go. Just for our own ordinances. And just think of all the revelation and learning we receive each time we go! How grateful I am for the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father and the sweet blessing that temples are. Then on Wednesday we had a big sister´s conference! That is what all the pictures are from! I was asked to give a message about ´my mission experience of doing my hair.´ Haha… considering that this is the craziest my hair has looked in my life, I realized that I was probably supposed to learn more than anyone from the talk! I was also asked to play a special musical number on the piano and was grateful be able to play! 

This week was absolutely crazy as far as nursing goes! On thursday, we had to go to this special eye appointment with one of the missionaries, and at the same time there was another missionary in another clinic for a weird stomach pain. Hermana Roylance (we are the 2 nurses that always go together when we have nurse things to do) got back to our sector at about 6 that night. Then there was an elder that called and we ended having to send him to the hospital. Poor Hermana Roylance was just about crazy after all the calls and I was just there to help. Then on Friday we had to go to the hospital, and after trying to decide if the elder could leave and talking to all the doctors in medical spanish, I was about in tears a few times. But I know that the Lord knows our limits and knows how far we can go. He always sends saving angels and answers in the exact moment that we need it. The elder was ok and my testimony was so strengthened in knowing that the Lord really does show us our weaknesses to try to help us become stronger! 

And on top of all the blessings we recieved this week, our investigators have also been progressing! Veronica and her daughter Sulemy will be baptized this Saturday and another little boy named Diego! I know that we are being so blessed at this time and that the plan that Heavenly Father has for each person is perfect! We were walking by a house yesterday and saw this cute little girl standing outisde and stopped and asked if we could talk to her mom. The lady imediately invited us in and we shared a message about how the gospel blesses families. She said the closing prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for sending us at this time in her life when she needed this message, and said that she knew we had been sent by Him. I know that He truly is blessing and preparing people in all parts of the world! And now all of our responsiblity is to go find them!! 

I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes 

Sisters conference. I’m hiding in the back as one of the ‘tall’ gringas! 🙂

Character building… the Lord always prepares us!

​Dear Family, 

Thank you thank you all for the fun birthday wishes!!! It was so much fun to get to read all of them and I am sooo grateful for you all and the awesome family and friends that I have. I know Heavenly Father has richly blessed me to have been born into the family that I was, and each of the relationships that I have been able to make with each of you in this time!! Thank you all!! 

This was truly a great week! One on my mission that I will never forget! 

So starting on Tuesday, it started out bright and early! 🙂 We got a call from an elder that was sick at 5:20am and ended up having to go to the hopsital with him!! He had a kidney stone and thankfully was ok to go home that day! Then we had appointments with other missionaries in different clinics that day and ended up getting to go back and work in out sectors at about 6 that night!! The experience of being a nurse has truly helped me in having to listen to the spirit in every situation and knowing how to make inspired decisions, and it has been taught to me in a way that I never even imagined!! On wednesday we went back to a clinic for about 3 hours to help another elder. Lots of time in clinics but I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to help out in any way I can! 

Friday was truly a birthday to remember!! I opened the package you all sent me first thing in the morning and it just happened to be the package with all the letters you wrote me at the reunion!! Oh how fun it was to be able to read a letter from each of you!! Thank you so much!! Then my companions made me pancakes, colombian arepas with eggs and cantalope juice!! mmmm it was soo good!! Then we had weekly planning in the church, and at the end they brought in a cake and all sang Feliz cumpleaños, and happy birthday!! Then we went to work in the office that day, and all the office elders surprised me and brought in another cake and all sang to me again!! Then that night, my companions brought me home a pizza!! Wow, I was sooo full but it was such a fun day!! 

This week we had some great time to work in our sectors!! On Thursday we were able to go visit out investigaator named Veronica and her daughter Sulemi! They had been reading the Book of MOrmon and prayed about Joseph smith and knew it was all ture!! They are truly elected people of God to hear the gospel at this time. We taught them about the Gopsel of Jesus Christ and invited them to be baptized on the 24th of September, and they accepted!! They didnt even have objections and have been so excited and  really are just ready!! 

I was also able to see this week that Heavenly Father truly does prepare us for each situation that we are going to have in life. On Saturday, I had the experience to do some great CHARACTER BUILDING!!! Literally. 🙂 We were walking along and were looking for contact or people we could help. I saw this lady starting to move a mountain of rocks and literally said out loud ¨perfect!!¨ So we went over and asked if she needed help. They were moving all these rocks up onto this wall, and then from there the husband would haul them in to the back yard in a wheelbarrow. We started to help them haul these rocks (in our skirts) and I thought we would finish in about a half hour. We called some of the YM in the ward and 3 of them came to help as well. 2 and a half hours later we finished moving all of these rocks. The whole time I would think of all those time moving rocks out in the field with dad and my siblings and when everyone else would say lets just take a break I would say ´´no we are almost done!! 10 more minutes!! ´´  I think we ended up moving 8 cubic meters of rock. I was trully grateful for the opportuniity to serve them, and at the end the husband thanked us so much and it really was all worth it! We have an appointment with them tonight and I am way excited to see how it goes!!

I know that the Lord truly does prepare us each and everyday for the experiences that He is preparing for later! We just have to keep the faith and push through, even when things seem hard! His plan is perfect, even when we can´t see the end results!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes

Exciting weeks!

​Dear family, 

First, Happy happy birthday to Kelsey this week, and happy anniversary to Shane and Whit! I hope you all have an awesome week!! And thank you all so much for the fun birthay wishes!! 21… yikes…. I am getting way to old! 🙂 

Wow, it is always so fun to hear about your exciting weeks!! I always love hearing about the fun events and I am glad to hear that homecoming was a success!!! That is always fun to win the big game! 🙂 I have to say though, reading about Jared´s combine event made my heart race, and then made me stop and think about how truly grateful I am for each and every one of you!! I plead to Heavenly Father every day for your safety and know that He is watching over each and every one of you!! Keep listening to the spirit and I know that He will continue to guide and direct all of you!! 

We had a great week here this week!! We have been busy looking for the ´elect people´ that Heavenly Father has prepared at this time. We had a really cool experience. We were going to lessons one afternoon and nobody was really home and we didnt really know what to do or where to go. We were walking to go to find another family, and my companion started talking to a lady that was sweeping. We started talking to her, and they invited us in. She was really nice, but her daughter who is a single mom with 2 kids started listening and was really interested about knowing which church she should go to. They invited us back and we were able to teach her about the restoration, and then she said that she would go to church! We went to pick her up on Sunday, and she went to chruch with her two small kids, and made friends in church, and seemed to really enjoy it!! What a pioneer she was! Trying something all on her own! I know that the spirit helped her and blessed her for her righteous desires!! 

I´m sorry this is short today, but I am so grateful for this gospel and know that it truly blesses lives and families! I know that sacrifice brings forth blessings and each day we should be looking for ways to serve the Lord and His children! I love you all so much and am so grateful for each of you!! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes 

Here are pictures of Hermana Hernandez and I and then the other is a baptism we had this last week!! It was a miracle and happened so fast and I know that we were so blessed!! Love you all!!