Character building… the Lord always prepares us!

​Dear Family, 

Thank you thank you all for the fun birthday wishes!!! It was so much fun to get to read all of them and I am sooo grateful for you all and the awesome family and friends that I have. I know Heavenly Father has richly blessed me to have been born into the family that I was, and each of the relationships that I have been able to make with each of you in this time!! Thank you all!! 

This was truly a great week! One on my mission that I will never forget! 

So starting on Tuesday, it started out bright and early! 🙂 We got a call from an elder that was sick at 5:20am and ended up having to go to the hopsital with him!! He had a kidney stone and thankfully was ok to go home that day! Then we had appointments with other missionaries in different clinics that day and ended up getting to go back and work in out sectors at about 6 that night!! The experience of being a nurse has truly helped me in having to listen to the spirit in every situation and knowing how to make inspired decisions, and it has been taught to me in a way that I never even imagined!! On wednesday we went back to a clinic for about 3 hours to help another elder. Lots of time in clinics but I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to help out in any way I can! 

Friday was truly a birthday to remember!! I opened the package you all sent me first thing in the morning and it just happened to be the package with all the letters you wrote me at the reunion!! Oh how fun it was to be able to read a letter from each of you!! Thank you so much!! Then my companions made me pancakes, colombian arepas with eggs and cantalope juice!! mmmm it was soo good!! Then we had weekly planning in the church, and at the end they brought in a cake and all sang Feliz cumpleaños, and happy birthday!! Then we went to work in the office that day, and all the office elders surprised me and brought in another cake and all sang to me again!! Then that night, my companions brought me home a pizza!! Wow, I was sooo full but it was such a fun day!! 

This week we had some great time to work in our sectors!! On Thursday we were able to go visit out investigaator named Veronica and her daughter Sulemi! They had been reading the Book of MOrmon and prayed about Joseph smith and knew it was all ture!! They are truly elected people of God to hear the gospel at this time. We taught them about the Gopsel of Jesus Christ and invited them to be baptized on the 24th of September, and they accepted!! They didnt even have objections and have been so excited and  really are just ready!! 

I was also able to see this week that Heavenly Father truly does prepare us for each situation that we are going to have in life. On Saturday, I had the experience to do some great CHARACTER BUILDING!!! Literally. 🙂 We were walking along and were looking for contact or people we could help. I saw this lady starting to move a mountain of rocks and literally said out loud ¨perfect!!¨ So we went over and asked if she needed help. They were moving all these rocks up onto this wall, and then from there the husband would haul them in to the back yard in a wheelbarrow. We started to help them haul these rocks (in our skirts) and I thought we would finish in about a half hour. We called some of the YM in the ward and 3 of them came to help as well. 2 and a half hours later we finished moving all of these rocks. The whole time I would think of all those time moving rocks out in the field with dad and my siblings and when everyone else would say lets just take a break I would say ´´no we are almost done!! 10 more minutes!! ´´  I think we ended up moving 8 cubic meters of rock. I was trully grateful for the opportuniity to serve them, and at the end the husband thanked us so much and it really was all worth it! We have an appointment with them tonight and I am way excited to see how it goes!!

I know that the Lord truly does prepare us each and everyday for the experiences that He is preparing for later! We just have to keep the faith and push through, even when things seem hard! His plan is perfect, even when we can´t see the end results!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Love, Hermana Hawkes


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