Spiritually fulfilling week!

Dearest family, 

Happy Halloween!! How are you all doing?? 🙂 Thank you all so much for the fun stories and pictures!! I love all the fun costumes and hope that all the big kids dressed up as well… 😉 Good job Garr in your big game!! I got chills just reading about it and just know that I`m cheering you on from here!! Good luck this week!!! 

Happy happy birthday to mom this week!! I hope you have an awesome day and I know everyone at home will take great care of you! I`m sending a warm wish to you from Ecuador!! 🙂 

Well, we had another amazing week here! The Lord is truly blessing us and I am so grateful to be here on the frontlines to see the miracles that He has prepared for these awesome families each and everyday! 

So this week was so busy but soo much fun!! On tuesday they called us and we needed to go to an appointment with an elder that sprained his ankle, so we got all ready and got to the clinic…. and they told us that it was for a different day! ahah they were just trying my patience I think! Then we got to go to the office and organize all the medicine and nurse stuff we have there for Elder Montoya who was going to come to the office. 

Wednesday I probably attended the neatest conference I have ever been to. Elder Montoya of the area presidency came and it was so great because we had been preparing by reading 3 different talks that they sent us so we all went with questions! He talked a lot ot us about promising blessings and the power and authority that we have now as missionaries and how great it is that we can promise blessings to the people we teach and to the members! This is the only time in my life that I will be able to promise blessings and it made me stop an think of what an amazing opportunity this is! He gave us some time to ask questions and I got to ask a question. The question I asked was something about how we can develop the kind of faith that allows us to see miracles. He responded and said that we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We have the power and authority to work miracles in the name of christ. We just have to believe in Him with alllllll of our heart and pray that we can see these miracles and then go out and work! It was such a neat experience!! 

We have also continuted to work with the Luna family!! They are so much fun and I love going to visit them! The dad Diego finally received his answer about everything! We were teaching him about listening to the spirit in 3 Nephi 11 and after he said, I know that I have felt the spirit. It is so clear to me because the way I treat my family and the way I feel about them is different and I feel a new peace here in my home! It was such a great experience and I am so grateful for the way the spirit works in each of us in the way that Heavenly Father knows will help us belive! 

I love you all and  hope you have an aweomse week!! 

Love Hermana Hawkes

` You don`t find the happy life, you make it! ` 

An awesome scripture I found this week-  Moroni 7:41

Love you all!! 

We had a conference with Elder Montoya this week!! AHh it was soo awesome! 

Making empanadas with Esilda Luna

Eating ice cream with my companions today!! 


Week of miracles! 

Dear Family, 

First of all, Happy happy birthday Dad and Grandma Griffeth!! 🙂 

Wow what a great week!! I`m sorry I wont have time to respond to your emails today, but I have some really cool experiences that have happened this week and wanted to be able to share them with all of you!! It truly was a great week and I know that the Lord is blessing us here in our sector!

Ok so first I will start out with monday and wednesday. They have put together a choir because Elder Montoya is coming this wednesday and they asked me to sing! We have been having practices twice a week for the last 3 weeks and we are so excited to sing when he comes! I will try to see if I can have someone video it and send it next week because the songs are sooo pretty! 🙂 
So, on Wednesday, I worked in the mission office with Hermana Roylance like we do every Wednesday and Friday! We are always updating lists, making appointments, looking up different treatments that missionaries can use, and right now we are scheduling vaccines for the flu for the WHOLE mission!! That will be a big task! 🙂 But after we got done in the office at around 6 I got to go out with a member lady in our ward so that my companions could cover some other appointments! I have been going out with members a lot in the last few weeks to take advantage of being in a treesome and getting to find more people. Well that night I hate to say that I wasn`t too excited to go out without my companions again, and much less because I was going to go look for some contacts that we had only taught one time and didnt really know them. So we got to the lesson with the Family Caamaño (the contact) and we started teaching them about the Restoration! They were fascinated!!! The member that was with me shared some great scriptures and even a part from The proclamation for the family! When we were teaching about the apostacy, they said `hey that is what we are in our lives right now!` As we finished the lesson with them we could all feel the spirit so strong! The Hermano told us that it was a miracle that we arrived at their house because they need this in their lives, and it really is a miracle because the wife usually doesnt let religious people in! It was such a blessing from Heavenly Father and really boosted my spirits that day!! They have a lot of problems in their family and a lot of doubts, but they were able to attend church for an hour and seemed to like it! 
Ok second miracle of the week, we were able to continue teaching the Luna family that I told about last week! AHh they are sooooo awesome!! They are so humble and willing to learn and change their lives! We taught them about the plan of salvation and they were intrigued!! Diego`s mom died just a few months ago, and he seemed soo happy to know where his mom is and that he can see her again! Then the next day we went back and taught them and invited them to be baptized! They accepted and Esilda was so excited because she had had a dream about an angel surrounding her family and protecting them and knew that it was all true. Diego was a little bit more hesitant, but it is because he said that he doesnt want to make any mistakes after his baptism and make sure that he has truly repented before he is baptised! We invited them to be baptized on November 5 and they said that Esilda was going to go on a trip next week and would have all her attendances before the 5th. Yesterday after church she told us that it doesnt matter what happens, she wants to get baptized on the 5th and is going to change her plans for her trip! They are such a special family and we are so grateful that the Lord has blessed us with this awesome opportunity to teach and find families! I know that the families are so important to our Heavenly Father and know that the only way to have true happiness in this live and in the eternities is with our families!! 
I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you all soo much and pray for you always! 🙂

Love, Hermana Hawkes 

The warm, sunny October days!

Dear family, 

How are you all doing! 🙂 Wow it has been so fun to read your letters and see all the fun things that you all have going on! I am praying for you all and hope you are doing soo great!! 

This has been a super week here! I know that the Lord truly does bless each of us when we are working for him. These last few weeks we have been praying so hard and looking for families! It has been such an eye opener for me in seeing that Heavenly Father truly does work through the family. It has been challenging, but I know that we are supposed to be finding families. President Uchtdorf said in the Women´t conference that his wife was found when the misisonaries knocked on the last door of the 4th floor. We had a somewhat similar experience this week! My companions were out contacting as I was working with a sister from our ward, and they went and contacted the last house at the very end of the street! They found a mother and her two little kids and shared a short message with them. She invited them back for the next day and we all went together! She had told us that her husband got off work at 7 or 8 but we can´t be in that area after dark so we passed by at about 6. Miracle 1- her husband was home and they invited us in. We taught them about how much Heavnely Father loves them and they were excited about our message and invited us back for the next day. We went the next day and taught them about the restoration and they were soo awesome! They understood so well and at the end the husband had 2 questions. 1- Could he keep listening even if he knew he had sins and wouldnt be perfect, and 2- what to wear to church on sunday! AHh we were sooo excited for them and they did go to church! We went and picked them up on sunday and went with them to church! The only challenging thing is that they have a little autistic boy. He cant be left alone so he had to go to the classes with them, and would randomly scream and cry, but they are so humble and patient and I can truly feel the love that Heavenly Father has for this sweet family!! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed us to be able to work with them and am excited to help them!!! 

I´m sorry this is so short, but I hope you all have a great week and remember that I love you all so much!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes

New week, new adventures

Dear family, 

Wow, what a joy it is to hear from all of you and to hear how you are all doing!! I love to see the pictures and the emails and love the updates every week!! Thank you so much for your encouragement and love! I truly can feel it all the way here in Ecuador! 🙂
This week has been full of fun and lots of new things!! Starting on Tuesday, we got to go to the airport to help pick up new missionaries from the airport! 5 sisters and 3 elders came which means we also got to give our nurse presentation to all of them and help them know the basics… what they can and cant eat here, what to do in different situations, etc. I truly love this calling that I have been given here on my mission and the unique and awesome opportunity that I have to be a nurse! Anyway, my companion Hermana Hernandez got called to train, but was still my compaion. So we are now in a trio and we are both sort of training, but mostly her! I get to go work a lot with the members and it has been so much fun and such a challenge in this last week! 🙂 Our new companion is Hermana Jarpa and she is from Chile! She is so positive and it is so fun to see her progress in just one short week! 
This week we were able to visit a family of less actives named the Cedeño family. They are both about 25 and have two little kids. They have been inactive for about 2 years, and know what is right but it is just hard for them to repent and come back to church. We had such an awesome lesson with them during the week, probably one of the most spiritual lessons of my mission as we taught them the restoration. They were kind of hesitant to commit to going to church, or even praying, but we felt the spirit so strongly with them. So sunday came and we called them at 1:30 (church starts at 2) and the husband said that his wife was getting ready to go, but he wasnt. We tried to encourage him and said that we would be waiting for him in church. Sacrament meeting started and they weren`t there, and to be honest I was a little sad. I was praying so hard for them but knew that they had to choose and that Heavenly Father loves them no matter what. After the sacrament I looked up, and in they walked with their whole family!! My companions and I were so excited and it was fun to see their determination to come to church and start taking these steps in their lives! I know Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers and that He loves each and every one of His children! 
I love you all so much and hope you have an awesome week!!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes 

Hello Hello!!! 

Oh what a beautiful conference weekend!!! Isn`t it such a blessing that we have living prophets and apostles to guide us in these days. I know that it is such a blessing to have their guidance in our lives and for their help in all we do and learn. I was honestly sad when conference was over and could have listened for a few more days, but I left with a new excitment and more determination to keep the commandments that our loving Heavenly Father has given to us. 
What I loved the most, was our call to do the Lord`s will and to help others do the same!! I am so grateful for the amazing family that I have that you are all awesome examples to all those around you all in doing the Lord`s work and sharing the gospel!! I was so grateful for the call to be missionaries! Every member truly is a missioanry and can bring someone to this gospel!! The first step is true and fervent prayer!! I know that Heavenly Father hears adn answers our prayers and that if we ask Him to help us find one of his children to bring to the gospel, He will give us these special experiences!! I know that the true gospel has been restored to the earth, and how blessed we are to know it!! 

This week was great and we were able to find a new family! Our leaders have been encouraging us to find the Familia Chosen!! The Lord has been blessing us to find families. We were able to find a family of 6 and the mom has cancer. It has been great to see the light that they have and I will keep you updated on how they all do. I love you all and hope that you all have a great week and can continue to share the light we felt at conference with everyone!! 🙂 
Love, Hermana Hawkes