A time of learning and love

Dear Family, 

Wow what a fun week you have all had! I loved all the picrures you all sent me! I am so excited for all the new events you are all starting and am excited to hear how they all go!! Good luck in basketball to all this week! Good job Garr in your football game! it sounds like you played absolutely incredibly!! And the pictures were so fun to see of Raelynn`s blessing! What a fun time to all be together! 🙂 Families are the best! 

Well this was an awesome week!! I have truly been able to feel the Lord teaching me in so many different ways and am grateful that He loves us enough to help us change and love the circumstances we are in and the people that are around us. I can honestly say that He blesses each and every one of us and those we are around when we seek to serve and love them!! 

This week we were so blessed to have Diego and Esilda Loor in church again! Esilda went to visit her family in Manabi and they put a lot of doubts in her mind about the church and her baptism, but they were still happy and willing to go to church and I know that this week we will be able to help them strengthen thier testimonies and prepare for this Saturday for their baptism! I feel so much love for them and their 2 cute little boys and know that they need the gospel so much in their lives. 

We were also so blessed to find another  big family this week and 4 of them went to church and really seemed to like it! THeir names are the Granados family and they are sooo fun! THe little girl named Tatiana always comes running up to give me a great big hug! I will have to send you a fun picture of them next week!! 

This week will be fun and busy preparing for 20 new missionaries that arrive next week!! I will let you know how it goes! Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week and know that I love you all soo much and am so grateful for each and everyone of you in my life!! have a fantastic week!!! 

This is a little piece of what I wrote to President SAntos this week and wanted to share it with you! 

Hoy me siento una felicidad y un amor muy grande estar aquí en la misión. Sé que cada experiencia que tenemos aquí- con las personas, compañeras, misioneros enfermos… 🙂 es por una razón, y solo Dios sabe porque, pero con tiempo, llegamos a saber porque también. Estaba leyendo en mi diario cuando escribí al principio de mi misión de todos los atributos que quería desarrollar, y estoy muy agradecida con mi Padre Celestial porque gracias a muchas de las experiencias que he tenido o compañeras que me han enseñado, he desarrollado muchas de las cosas que quería mejorar. Pero la cosa que me encanta, es que todavía, hay mucho mas que mejorar! El proceso nunca termina, por eso es un PROCESO y no solamente es por este tiempo, sino por toda la vida, y la galardón al final si hacemos todo lo posible por cumplir con todo lo que Dios quiere, es la salvación! Jesucristo es nuestro ejemplo y nuestra ayuda por toda la vida y sé que El vive y nos ama. Nos ama suficiente para cambiarnos, y dejarnos en las pruebas que El sabe que podemos suportar para llegar a ser mas como El! Amo las lecciones que aprendemos cada día y mas que todo, las tiernas misericordias que recibimos cada día! 


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