The Atonement is real! 

Hello from Ecuador!! How is my awesome family doing?? 🙂 

It is always so fun to write you all and see what you are all doing and the fun activities that are going on!! It is also a great time to reflect upon what has happened this week and all the miracles that Heavenly Father has blessed us with! I know that miracles really exists each day in our lives if we will just look and listen for the small promptings of the Holy Ghost! 

Well a few fun things that happened this week. We were able to keep working with the Luna Family! They are so awsome and are progressing so well and we can truly see their love for the gospel! This week we tried to visit them with a lot of member families to help them feel very loved and to have lots of friends in church! They are going to be getting baptized this Saturday! It was an awesome experience because we had to postpone the baptism for a week to help them with some of the commandments, but when we went to visit them later in the week, they were so determinded and said that they would have no trouble in keeping the commandments now, and it was so incredible to me to be able to see the Atonement work so completely and so quickly for them and for their determination to change and do what`s right!

We also had a really cool experience with a girl named Danixa this week! Danixa is a 20 year old girl that is in college and lives here with her mom and brothers. Her neighbor is a member and 2 weeks ago showed up to church with Danixa and her family because she said that she had had a dream about Danixa and knew that she needed to invite her to church, and they went! We went to her house a few days later to visit her and when she opened the door, she was crying. Her eyes were super red and it looked like she had been crying really hard. She invited us in and we started talking to her and found out that her mom has cancer. She tries to be so strong but it is taking a toll on her and she was pretty sad. We just shared with her that Heavenly Father loves her and her family so much and that He has an eternal plan for her and her family. We were able to testify to her that she can feel happy through the Atonement and that Christ knows exactly how she feels. By the end of the lesson she thanked us and said that we had helped her feel a lot more calm and that she knew we had been sent to her house for a reason. I could truly feel the spirit in the lesson and knew that we had been sent there to help a special daughter of God in a time of need! I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blesses us with theses experiences each day and am so grateful fot the time that I have to be here!!  

Today we had transfers and I am now with Hermana Velasco. She has 6 weeks in the mission and is so excited to work and find! I love her excitment and love for the work and know it will be such a great help in the work at this time! She is also going to be a new misison nurse so it will be so fun to help her with that!!!  

I love you all and hope you have a great and safe week and enjoy each and every experience you are having!!! I love you!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes

D&C 84:88

This one is a picture of Hna Twitchell and I together today. She leaves today to go home.

This is my new companion and I. Hermana Velasco

The 5 of us the night before transfers.


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