It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello my awesome family!! 

How are you all doing? 🙂 I hope you are all getting into the fun Christmas spirit like I am! This morning as we were cleaning our house we put on Christmas music and I seriously can`t even believe how close Christmas is! What a fun time of year when everyone is more aware of their friends and families and how open everyone is to hearing about Christ! I am so grateful for this fun time and most of all, the time that we have to remember the Savior and His birth. How loving is our Heavenly Father that he would send His son here to earth so that we can return to live with Him! I know that Heavenly Father loves and takes care of each and every one of us! 

This week was so great! We had more meetings and practices for the big event, and it has been so fun because we have a little `skit` about prophets in the bible, and then another mission is going to finish off the show by tying it into the Book of Mormon when Nephi saw Christ`s birth! I am so excited because there will be a lot of people there that aren`t members and it will be such a great time for them to learn about the Book of Mormon and feel the special spirit with the live nativity scenes and choirs! It is going to be a fun day! 

This week we were also able to witness miracles here in our sector! We have been working with Flor Maza and missionaries have been working with her for about 2 months now and she just kept saying that she didn`t feel ready for baptism. We had been preparing what to teach and share this week and we finally decided that we would read 3 Nephi 11 with her, and as we were reading, we came to the topic of baptism and were able to bear testimony that she is ready and that the Lord will help her. After we bore testimony she looked at us and said, `I was actually going to tell you, but I was thinking about it and I feel ready now. I think that (the 16 of December when we extended the date) is right and that I`m ready to be baptized.` The spirit was so stong and we could tell that it truly is something she wants and has been preparing for! We were able to go visit her again last night and read D&C 20:37 with her and honestly her testimony is incredible! She is always telling us that she isn`t doing it because of anyone but herself and always has such deep thoughts and spiritual impressions! I am so grateful for her and for the oportunity we have had to work with her!

The members have also helped us find some awesome families and yesterday we went to visit one of the contacts from the members and as we were finishing teaching the family, the mom said `I had been waiting for God to send me someone to help me with my family and to help me change my life!` The Gospel is true! It changes lives and blesses so many!!! I am so grateful for the strong and loving family that we have that has always made the gospel a priority! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes


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