Dear family and friends, 

Thank you all so much for the awesome emails and words of encouragement!! Thank you for your concern for me and for the love that I can feel through each of your emails and kind thoughts!! It is a wonderful Christmas season and I am so grateful to be a servant of the Lord at this time to help others to feel the love of our Savior and remember his birth! This is the greatest work and I love being part of it here in Ecuador! I hope that each and everyone of you are doing great, that your families are safe and healthy, and that you all know how much I love and appreciate each of you, but most importantly, how much the Savior loves each of you! 

This has been a great week here in Ecuador! We have been able to work with an awesome lady named Flor. She has had a hard life and has battles a divorce, and children that have chosen paths other than the gospel, but she is so firm and ready to be baptized and lead a better life! She loves the missionaries and I think more thank she loves us, she loves the spirit that she can feel as we are in her home teaching because she feels the security and love of the gospel in her life! We had a really cool experience with her this week. She had told us that she wouldn’t be home on Friday night because she was going to visit her mom. On friday we were leaving the office after working there for the day and we called the appointment that we had set up, but they weren`t home. I had the strongest impression that we should go visit Flor. Knowing that she had told us she wouldnt be home, we went to her house anyway. When we got there, she hadn`t left yet and invited us in to share a short message with her! We were able to teach her a lesson focused on the home and family and how important FHE is to strengthen our families. At the end of the lesson we were about to leave and she asked `If i dont have a good feeling about leaving to go visit my mom at this time of night do you think that its the spirit telling me?`  She decided not to go, but it really was a small miracle that we were able to witness and I am so impressed with how well she listens to the spirit! 

I was also studying in 1 Nefi 17 this week and love how faithful and obedient Nephi is! I would encourage you all to read it and have the courage to do all things that the Lord has set before us because with His help we can do all things! I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!!! 

Love, Hermana Hawkes 


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